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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Jimmie concerned about telling Mort?
(a) That they are lost.
(b) That Jimmie stole from the Newby home.
(c) That Jimmie wants to separate.
(d) That Jimmie killed women.

2. When does Dowie arrive at the Healy's?
(a) An hour after Jimmie and Mort.
(b) A week after Jimmie and Mort.
(c) A day after Jimmie and Mort.
(d) The morning after Jimmie and Mort.

3. What does the old man ask Jimmie and Mort?
(a) If they are travelling salesmen.
(b) If they are the Blacksmith brothers.
(c) If they are planning on robbing him.
(d) If they are in need of shelter.

4. Where does Mort carry McCreadie after Jimmie leaves them?
(a) To McCreadie's holy place in the woods.
(b) To the police station.
(c) To Brentwood.
(d) To a farmhouse.

5. Why does Jimmie travel to the Healy's home?
(a) To ask for money.
(b) To steal bread.
(c) To kill Mrs. Healy.
(d) To take Mr. Healy hostage.

6. Where is Mr. Newby going to move?
(a) Victoria.
(b) England.
(c) New Zealand.
(d) Sydney.

7. What is Mr. Newby doing when Jimmie and Tabidgi visit?
(a) Catching a chicken.
(b) Riding a horse.
(c) Bagging wheat.
(d) Rolling hay.

8. Why do Jimmie and Mort carry McCreadie on their backs?
(a) McCreadie is in a state of delirium and cannot walk straight.
(b) McCreadie has broken his foot.
(c) McCreadie is very sick.
(d) McCreadie has a large thorn stuck in his heel.

9. What does Mort do in the morning in Chapter 11?
(a) Hunt for fresh meat.
(b) Walk back to the camp.
(c) Paint his face white.
(d) Chant and dance.

10. After the violent attack on the Newby household, who does NOT flee with Jimmie?
(a) Gilda's baby.
(b) Peter.
(c) Tabidgi.
(d) Rev. Neville.

11. Who does Jimmie begin to write a letter to?
(a) Gilda.
(b) Mr.Newby.
(c) Tabidgi.
(d) The police.

12. What do preachers do following the murders?
(a) Join the police in their pursuit.
(b) Spread the news in their services.
(c) Hold an over the top funeral for the victims.
(d) Ask the public to pray for Jimmie's capture.

13. Where is Ted Knoller waiting?
(a) Brentwood.
(b) Perth.
(c) Victoria.
(d) Sydney.

14. Who takes Gilda away?
(a) Dowie Stead.
(b) Two Sisters of Mercy.
(c) Mr. Newby.
(d) Rev. Neville.

15. What evidence does Dowie find in the schoolteacher's house?
(a) Blood on the couch.
(b) Blood on a towel.
(c) Blood on a rag.
(d) Blood on a pillow.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the holy place shaped like?

2. What time do the brothers arrive at a small house in Chapter 11?

3. Where does Jimmie actually leave McCreadie?

4. What does Mort do at the holy place?

5. What does McCreadie tell Jimmie after they rebuild the holy place?

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