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Fim Study

Watch a 20-minute clip of the film based on the novel. Have a discussion comparing the movie to the novel.


Have a race to find objects related to the book. Give students (have students team up into pairs) cryptic clues to where the items are located. At each location, there should be enough of that item for each team. If possible, have the race outdoors. Here are some possible items to be found: initiation tooth (constructed out of paper mache), map of Australia, a cross (or some other religious item to symbolize Jimmie's place of capture), etc.

Map Making

Make a map of the locations that are mentioned in the novel. Consult an atlas if needed. Include the following: Manning River, Balmain, Merriwa, Verona, Muswellbrook, and Brentwood.

Game Show

Divide class into two teams. Have each team come up with a set number of questions...

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