The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1

• It is summer of the year 1900 in Australia.

• Tabidgi, aka Jackie Smoulders learns that his nephew Jimmie married a white woman.

• Jackie sets out with Jimmie's initiation tooth in order to save him from his marriage.

• We learn that Jimmie disappeared from home for weeks during his initiation in 1891.

Chapter 2

• The year is 1894 and Rev. and Mrs. Neville invite Jimmie to be their servant.

• Jimmie sees a girl in Muswellbrook and falls instantly in love.

• Jimmie spends a night out with his relative Wongee Tom and is arrested.

• Jimmie decides that owning property is key to improving his life.

• Jimmie leaves the Neville home and looks for a job.

• Jimmie gets hired by a farmer, Healy, to build a fence.

Chapter 3

• Jimmie attends a party in Verona.

• Jimmie sees Mrs. Healy and thinks that she would make the ideal landowner's wife.

• Jimmie finishes the Healy's fence early...

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