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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Lee find Adam after Sam's execution?

2. Who is the state executioner?

3. What was the first court to systematically deny the petition to halt Sam's execution?

4. At what time is Adam called about Lee?

5. Who is still missing as the time of Sam's execution gets closer?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how law students are helping to execute Adam's plan set up by Garner Goodman.

2. Describe Donnie and Sam's last time together.

3. What is happening outside of Parchman Prison as the execution of Sam Cayhall gets closer?

4. Why does Adam believe it would be a good idea to visit Marvin Kramer's family?

5. What was the purpose of Adam's trip to New Orleans?

6. How does Sam prepare for death after the decision from the hearing?

7. Why does Lee disappear for an entire day and evening?

8. Who does Adam ask for assistance, and how does this person help Adam?

9. How is Sam's last day a busy one?

10. Both Lee and Adam have news for each other. What is the news they share with each other?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

On death row, Sam has a sort of make-shift camaraderie with the other death row inmates. Explain the camaraderie between Sam and the other death row inmates. How did Sam come to be revered by them?

Essay Topic 2

'The Chamber' conveys many forms of foreshadowing. Pick one foreshadowing event, explain it in detail, and explain how it fits into the entire novel. What would happen if the foreshadowing event did not come to reality? How would that change your particular event within the story?

Essay Topic 3

One of Adam's petitions to the court was regarding the ethics behind using the gas chamber as the mode of execution for Sam. Based on the information given in the story, do you think Adam has a particular mode of execution that he believes would be better for Sam? If he does, what type of execution mode does Adam believe is better? Give specific examples from the story to prove your thoughts and answer.

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