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Short Answer Questions

1. Adam meets with Judge Slattery and a group of people, one of whom is the Governor of Mississippi. Who is the Governor of Mississippi?

2. Who has lifted the stay on Sam's case?

3. Although they can't see each other, all of the inmates on death row pass what?

4. Adam's name was never originally Adam. What was his legal name before it was changed?

5. What may happen to Adam because of NOT disclosing his birth name?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens with the bomb after it is placed, and what is the result of the bomb?

2. How does Adam handle the press?

3. Describe Adam's Aunt Lee's marriage.

4. Sam takes a direction of searching the prison law library for relevant cases. What direction does Adam take?

5. How is Adam's trip to visit his grandfather received back at Kravitz and Bane?

6. At the beginning of 'The Chamber', describe Marvin Kramer and his life.

7. Adam attends another meeting about Sam at Judge Slattery's office. What is this meeting about, and who is present at the meeting?

8. What is Adam wanting to see Sam for?

9. At the meeting with Adam and Sam, Adam thinks aloud about his father and this sparks an interest in Sam. Why did the mention of Eddie, Adam's father and Sam's son, arouse curiosity in Sam?

10. Describe the relationship between Adam and his Aunt Lee.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The trip that Lee and Adam took to Clanton, Mississippi was a very eye-opening trip for both of them. Lee shared more stories of her hometown and about Sam, including a story of Joe Lincoln and their grandfather. What is the story that Lee told about their grandfather, Sam Cayhall, and Joe Lincoln? How did Lee tell the story? Was it emotional for her? How did Adam feel when he heard this story? How did this story affect the relationship between Sam and Adam?

Essay Topic 2

As Adam continues in this case, he truly reflects on his beliefs, including the importance of family. However, Adam quickly wishes to find a scapegoat. Why does Adam wish to find a scapegoat, and how does Adam wish to find a scapegoat?

Essay Topic 3

On death row, Sam has a sort of make-shift camaraderie with the other death row inmates. Explain the camaraderie between Sam and the other death row inmates. How did Sam come to be revered by them?

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