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Parchman Prison

This is the name of the Mississippi state penitentiary that holds Sam Cayhill in its maximum security unit.

The Chamber

This is the name of the room where executions take place.

The Isolation Room

This place is the last room where an inmate spends time before moving on to the chamber; in this room, an inmate is allowed only two visitors: an attorney and a clergyman.

Kravitz and Bane Chicago Office

This place houses the offices of nearly three hundred lawyers and has a full time pro bono department headed by Garner Goodman.

Kravitz and Bane Memphis Office

This place is where Adam spends a short time to be closer to Sam during the last month of his life.

Clanton, Mississippi

This is the hometown of Sam Cayhall's family, which is also the birthplace of Eddie and Lee.


This is the place where Eddie Cayhall's...

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