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Crossword Puzzle

As students read through 'The Chamber', they will encounter many different names, places, and events. The students will create a crossword puzzle based on these names, places, and events. Students will come up with at least ten down and ten across clues that will be put in the crossword puzzle. They can choose any name, event, or place associated with 'The Chamber".


Students will choose one of the following: Ku Klux Klan, Marvin Kramer, Kramer office bombing. Once students choose one of these, they will web as much as they know about the one topic they have chosen.

Story Map

Students will create a story map on 'The Chamber.' Students will include aspects such as title, author, main characters, setting, main ideas of each chapter, problems and solutions within each chapter, and summaries of each chapter.


Students will create a rap associated with...

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