Objects & Places from The Cement Garden

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This is mixed by main characters for a special project in the cellar.

The Cement Garden

The creation of this was one character's obsession.

The Trunk

This object contains an unusual item.

Mother's Corpse

This item gives away the children's secret.


The narrator enjoys this quite often.

Julie's Bikini

This item is green and creates lustful images in one character's mind.

Tom's Bib

This prop is worn by one character who is acting out.

Sue's Diary

This includes letters to a deceased mother.

Jack's Novel

This object of science fiction maintains one character's interest.

Tom's Dress

One character chooses to wear this object, which is out of character.

Derek's Car

One character isn't too impressed with what he has, but two others surely admire this.


This is the boyfriend's pastime.

The Sledgehammer

This item is used by two characters for the same purpose, but different...

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