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Chapter One

• The narrator, Jack, opens by claiming that while he did not kill his father, he fears that he helped him to die.

• When Jack is 14, two men visit Jack's family's home to deliver cement.

• Father has the cement delivery men bring the cement packs into the cellar and records information on his clipboard.

• Jack does not know what the cement is for.

• His parents argue about the cement that night. His mother, typically quiet, is angry.

• Mother wants Father to return the cement. He refuses to engage her.
• Jack and his two sisters, Sue and Julie, go to Julie's bedroom; Julie and Jack strip Sue of her clothes and begin to examine her naked body like doctors.

• Julie suggests it is Jack's turn to be examined, but he refuses and locks himself in the bathroom, masturbating to the thought of his sisters touching him.

• The next...

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