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James Redfield
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the narrator traveling?
(a) on foot
(b) in a borrowed truck
(c) by donkey
(d) by hitchhiking

2. What does Father Sanchez give the narrator?
(a) a copy of the Fifth Insight
(b) his clothes that have been washed
(c) a plane ticket to America
(d) a glass of llama milk

3. To what point in his life does the priest take the narrator to teach him about his control drama?
(a) the meeting with Charlene
(b) his childhood
(c) his arrival in Peru
(d) his university days

4. What does Father Carl say led the narrator to his present location looking for the Manuscript?
(a) a sense of disbelief
(b) everything that had ever happened in his life
(c) an insatiable curiosity
(d) his aloof drama

5. What does Pablo warn the narrator about?
(a) not to give his real name to anyone
(b) not to talk to the priests
(c) not to become too addicted to another person
(d) not to mention the Manuscript in the prison

6. Who does the narrator meet in a restaurant?
(a) a man who works for the Cardinal
(b) a man looking for a ride to Iquitos
(c) a man looking for viciente Lodge
(d) a man looking for Dobson

7. After a dream the narrator has in prison, what does Pablo do?
(a) advises him not to tell anyone
(b) helps him understand the Seventh Insight
(c) explains it was because of the prison food
(d) interprets his dreams

8. When does Julia continue her instruction about the Eighth Insight?
(a) after marjorie leaves with Rolando
(b) after the narrator works some of it out himself
(c) on the trip to Iquitos
(d) a week later

9. What happens with the narrator while Father Sanchez is gone?
(a) He runs out of food and gets very hungry.
(b) He cannot remember what he learned so far.
(c) He finds a copy of the Ninth Insight at Machu Picchu.
(d) He has thoughts of Wil, Marjorie, and Cardinal Sebastian.

10. What do they see along the road and head for?
(a) two horses
(b) Reneau's truck
(c) an unattended ambulance
(d) Wil's jeep

11. Who are Father Sanchez and the narrator expecting to see near Machu Picchu?
(a) Wil
(b) Father Carl
(c) Phil
(d) Julia and Rolando

12. What has the narrator's aloofness kept him from doing?
(a) making a new friend
(b) speaking with Rolando
(c) learning what Rolando knows
(d) saying too much to an enemy

13. What is an intimidator?
(a) one who controls in a stronger way than interrogation
(b) one who uses blackmail to control
(c) one who is lacking self assurance
(d) one who imitates strong disciplinarians

14. What happens when a soldier gets near the narrator on the mountain ridge?
(a) He slips and falls down the ridge.
(b) He walks past without seeing him.
(c) He is called back by his commander.
(d) He stops just short of finding him.

15. In a feeling of euphoria, what happens to the narrator?
(a) He jumps up and shouts.
(b) He finds the Ninth Insight.
(c) He falls asleep on the ridge.
(d) He has an out of body experience.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the narrator taken after meeting the man on the road?

2. How do Father Sanchez and Father Carl explain their calmness during this time of danger?

3. What place do the narrator and Father Sanchez head for when they learn that soldiers are in the village?

4. Where do Julia and the narrator decide to go the next day?

5. Why were the narrator and Marjorie expected?

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