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James Redfield
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is characteristic of an aloof drama person?
(a) snobbish behavior toward other people
(b) not receiving much attention from interesting people
(c) reluctance to reveal much information
(d) a person who is uninformed

2. Why does Julia's suggestion anger Marjorie?
(a) because she is now feeling an attachment to the narrator
(b) because she senses powerful energy field
(c) because the narrator does not argue with Julia
(d) because she thinks Julia is after the narrator

3. How do Father Sanchez and Father Carl explain their calmness during this time of danger?
(a) by being connected to the energy
(b) by prayer
(c) by meditation and study of the Manuscript
(d) by being sure that they are safe there

4. Where does the narrator find Marjorie?
(a) waiting in Father costous' office
(b) in the backseat of a Jeep
(c) at breakfast the next day
(d) in the exercise yard

5. Why does a person become aloof?
(a) so that they will feel superior
(b) because they lack conversational ability
(c) because they are basically loners
(d) so as not to reveal anything someone can criticize

6. Where is the narrator taken?
(a) back to the mission
(b) to Father Carl's house
(c) to prison
(d) to Viciente Lodge

7. What does Father Sanchez advise the narrator about his visionary thoughts?
(a) that they are dreams brought about by isolation
(b) that they are only hallucinations
(c) that they are not random and he should follow up on them
(d) that they are fears he needs to overcome

8. What happens with the narrator while Father Sanchez is gone?
(a) He runs out of food and gets very hungry.
(b) He has thoughts of Wil, Marjorie, and Cardinal Sebastian.
(c) He cannot remember what he learned so far.
(d) He finds a copy of the Ninth Insight at Machu Picchu.

9. Why were the narrator and Marjorie expected?
(a) because the stalled truck was a ruse
(b) because a man had seen them run from the Jeep
(c) because the woman had a dream that they were coming
(d) because Father Sanchez was looking for them

10. What will enable the narrator and Marjorie to make a good relationship?
(a) finding the Ninth Insight
(b) advance study to learn how to avoid addiction
(c) a lot of space and time
(d) developing a mutual addiction

11. What happens to Marjorie while she waits beside the road?
(a) She is shot.
(b) She faints.
(c) She is arrested.
(d) She is hit by a truck.

12. Seeing Wil drive off before the military can arrest him, where do the narrator and Marjorie go?
(a) to climb a tree in the forest
(b) to hide behind a bank
(c) to a small hotel
(d) the rocky ridges in the foothills

13. What happens when the police search the narrator's vehicle?
(a) They order him to turn around and go back.
(b) They recognize Father Carl's truck and let him pass.
(c) They find his copy of the Manuscript.
(d) They let him pass because he is American.

14. What is an intimidator?
(a) one who controls in a stronger way than interrogation
(b) one who is lacking self assurance
(c) one who imitates strong disciplinarians
(d) one who uses blackmail to control

15. After a dream the narrator has in prison, what does Pablo do?
(a) helps him understand the Seventh Insight
(b) explains it was because of the prison food
(c) advises him not to tell anyone
(d) interprets his dreams

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator observe in the garden?

2. What suddenly happens as the narrator walks toward Marjorie?

3. What does Julia see that causes her to try and separate the narrator and Marjorie?

4. What does Julia see in the relationship between the narrator and Marjorie?

5. Where does the narrator feel that he must go because of his thoughts?

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