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James Redfield
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After meeting Father Carl at Machu Picchu, why does the narrator remain there when the priest goes home?
(a) to experience the energies of the place
(b) to wait for Wil
(c) to visit with Julia and Rolando
(d) to give the priests time to catch up

2. Who turns out to be the organizer behind the suppression of the Manuscript?
(a) The President of Peru
(b) General Ortiz
(c) Cardinal Sebastian
(d) The Pope

3. Who does the narrator meet in a restaurant?
(a) a man looking for a ride to Iquitos
(b) a man who works for the Cardinal
(c) a man looking for viciente Lodge
(d) a man looking for Dobson

4. What happens when a soldier gets near the narrator on the mountain ridge?
(a) He walks past without seeing him.
(b) He slips and falls down the ridge.
(c) He is called back by his commander.
(d) He stops just short of finding him.

5. What has the narrator's aloofness kept him from doing?
(a) speaking with Rolando
(b) saying too much to an enemy
(c) making a new friend
(d) learning what Rolando knows

6. What does Karla tell Marjorie not to do?
(a) say anything that would frighten the child
(b) put her hands on her child
(c) ask about the child's father
(d) speak about a child as though the child were not there

7. Why does Julia's suggestion anger Marjorie?
(a) because the narrator does not argue with Julia
(b) because she thinks Julia is after the narrator
(c) because she is now feeling an attachment to the narrator
(d) because she senses powerful energy field

8. After a dream the narrator has in prison, what does Pablo do?
(a) helps him understand the Seventh Insight
(b) explains it was because of the prison food
(c) advises him not to tell anyone
(d) interprets his dreams

9. What does Pablo warn the narrator about?
(a) not to talk to the priests
(b) not to give his real name to anyone
(c) not to mention the Manuscript in the prison
(d) not to become too addicted to another person

10. What does Father Sanchez advise the narrator about his visionary thoughts?
(a) that they are dreams brought about by isolation
(b) that they are fears he needs to overcome
(c) that they are not random and he should follow up on them
(d) that they are only hallucinations

11. Who will Julian and Rolando see at the village where they are going?
(a) Phil
(b) Sarah
(c) Marjorie
(d) Wil

12. Why does the narrator eventually see that his parents were interrogators?
(a) remembering their questions before correcting him
(b) remembering how they sat him down with a light in his eyes
(c) remembering how they never bluntly critisized his actions
(d) remembering how they checked up on him through his friends

13. How do Father Sanchez and Father Carl explain their calmness during this time of danger?
(a) by being sure that they are safe there
(b) by meditation and study of the Manuscript
(c) by being connected to the energy
(d) by prayer

14. Where is the narrator taken?
(a) to Father Carl's house
(b) to prison
(c) to Viciente Lodge
(d) back to the mission

15. Why does Father Sanchez stay at Father Carl's house and send the narrator on to Machu Picchu?
(a) He has a serious back problem.
(b) He wants to listen to the radio.
(c) He expects Father Carl will come up from the village.
(d) He wants to meditate.

Short Answer Questions

1. What suddenly happens as the narrator walks toward Marjorie?

2. Where does the narrator feel that he must go because of his thoughts?

3. What does Julia see that causes her to try and separate the narrator and Marjorie?

4. What happens to Marjorie while she waits beside the road?

5. How does Father Sanchez label the narrator's control drama?

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