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James Redfield
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the man named Chris Reneau who resembles a friend of the narrator's?
(a) a French psychology professor teaching in Brazil
(b) a professor at the Sorbonne on vacation
(c) a French chef interested in the Manuscript
(d) a microbiologist from France

2. What does Wilson James say he wants to find?
(a) the site where the Manuscript was found
(b) the Ninth Insight
(c) the person who stole the Manuscript
(d) a safe way out of Lima

3. What is the estimated date the Manuscript was written?
(a) about ten thousand years ago
(b) about 600 B. C.
(c) about a century before the Sapnish arrived
(d) about the time of the Egyptian pyramids

4. On the way to Cula, what does Wil instruct the narrator to do?
(a) be alert for any coincidences
(b) read the road map and navigate
(c) memorize the first three Insights
(d) work on developing his power to see energy fields

5. What sudden decision does the narrator make once he returns home?
(a) to put the whole matter out of his mind
(b) to check on Charlene to see if she arrived safely
(c) to fly to Peru to see if he can learn about this Manuscript
(d) to call a friend of his who lives in Peru

6. Why is Dobson returning to Peru?
(a) To find more Insights.
(b) To prove the Manuscript is wrong.
(c) To challenge the government.
(d) To look for the priest.

7. What does the narrator decide he wants to do after meeting Wil James?
(a) lay low and study the first two Insights
(b) get out of the country fast
(c) to go with Wilson on his search for the Ninth Insight.
(d) try to meet people who know other Insights

8. What does Dobson say scientists try to do?
(a) treat humanity as guinea pigs
(b) find answers in test tubes
(c) provide scientific reasons for spiritual dogmas
(d) define humanity and the reasons for life itself

9. How does Dobson say the Middle Ages were defined?
(a) by the art and drama of the period
(b) by the Christian Church
(c) by theprinting press
(d) by ignorance and disease

10. Who is Wayne Dobson whom the narrator meets on the flight to Peru?
(a) an archeologist going to a dig in Peru
(b) an explorer who is interested in the value of the Manuscript
(c) a translater of archaic languages
(d) an assistant professor of history from New York University

11. Why does the narrator eat only vegetables at dinner?
(a) because he cannot eat llama meat
(b) because he wants to see how they taste
(c) because he never eats meat
(d) because it increases the ability to see the energy

12. What information does Reneau share with the narrator?
(a) that he has a copy of the Fourth Insight
(b) that he is not planning to return to Brazil
(c) that he is actually from Canada
(d) that he is looking for the Manuscript

13. What does the narrator learn about the priest Charlene met once?
(a) He left the country.
(b) He went into hiding.
(c) He is in prison.
(d) He was murdered.

14. How does Marjorie know that the narrator is interested in her?
(a) She can see it in his energy.
(b) She notices how he tries not to stare.
(c) Sarah tells her.
(d) She overhears him talking to a plant.

15. What does Reneau say the parents are doing to the girl by their bullying?
(a) giving her needed discipline
(b) making her ready for the outside world
(c) trying to teach her the Fourth Insight
(d) taking energy away from her

Short Answer Questions

1. What will the restlessness cause people to do?

2. What does Reneau say the girl accomplishes by throwing the pie?

3. What does the Manuscript say will be the first indication of change?

4. How does Dobson explain the Second Insight?

5. Why does Phil teach the narrator to stare at his own fingers?

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