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James Redfield
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator decide he wants to do after meeting Wil James?
(a) to go with Wilson on his search for the Ninth Insight.
(b) try to meet people who know other Insights
(c) get out of the country fast
(d) lay low and study the first two Insights

2. What does the historian say should be more important than studying actions in the past?
(a) studying beliefs and superstitions
(b) studying educational trends
(c) studying thoughts and feelings
(d) studying roads and houses

3. When Sarah arrives, what does she tell the narrator to do?
(a) keep his eyes closed for five minutes
(b) to study a tree and appreciate its beauty
(c) completely clear his mind
(d) find a comfortable place to sit

4. What does the narrator think about that makes him agree with Charlene?
(a) his last two relationships
(b) his problems at work
(c) his problems with the bank
(d) his recent distrust of people

5. What information does Reneau share with the narrator?
(a) that he has a copy of the Fourth Insight
(b) that he is actually from Canada
(c) that he is looking for the Manuscript
(d) that he is not planning to return to Brazil

6. What happens when people start to question the church?
(a) the church launches persecution
(b) society turns from the spiritual to the scientific
(c) society becomes totally atheistic
(d) society begins to fall apart

7. What happens while the narrator is running away?
(a) A man stops him and takes him to a safe house.
(b) He loses one of his shoes.
(c) He feels the wind of pullets past his ears.
(d) He runs behind a bus and disappears.

8. What is the example of the Fourth Insight that takes place at dinner?
(a) a major conflict between a girl and her parents
(b) a fight that breaks out in the house next door
(c) a child throwing a temper tantrum
(d) two brothers arguing over a girl

9. Outside with the narrator, what does Charlene become aware of?
(a) a rash on the narrator's hand
(b) her empty briefcase under a bush
(c) a man watching them from the parking lot
(d) a sudden change in the weather

10. What is the purpose of the Viciente Lodge?
(a) an experiment in gardening
(b) a summer camp for underprivilieged boys
(c) a place for scientific study
(d) a retreat for religious leaders

11. Why is Dobson returning to Peru?
(a) To prove the Manuscript is wrong.
(b) To challenge the government.
(c) To find more Insights.
(d) To look for the priest.

12. Why does the physics professor, Sarah Lorner, come to Viciente Lodge?
(a) to find rare plants
(b) to study the effects of energy on plant life
(c) to get specimins for her laboratory
(d) to study wind resistence of trees

13. What does Wil say the narrator is not doing?
(a) not thinking clearly about the Insights
(b) not actively participating in the conversation
(c) not listening to the conversation
(d) not making himself clear

14. What does Wilson James say he wants to find?
(a) a safe way out of Lima
(b) the site where the Manuscript was found
(c) the Ninth Insight
(d) the person who stole the Manuscript

15. What does Dobson tell the narrator to do?
(a) call the embassy
(b) run toward an alley
(c) find a lawyer
(d) use a false name

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the narrator not get out of the taxi at his hotel?

2. What causes the narrator to lose his ability to see the energy fields?

3. Why does the narrator call the police?

4. What does the narrator see during an argument between Sarah and the German?

5. What does the Manuscript say will be the first indication of change?

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