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James Redfield
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the example of the Fourth Insight that takes place at dinner?
(a) two brothers arguing over a girl
(b) a child throwing a temper tantrum
(c) a major conflict between a girl and her parents
(d) a fight that breaks out in the house next door

2. How has the Third Insight been used experimentally at Viciente Lodge?
(a) to measure energy fields
(b) to produce electricity from plant energy
(c) to keep the wrong people out
(d) to affect the way plants grow

3. What are the people in the novel either searching for or trying to suppress?
(a) tablets of stone older than the Ten Commandments
(b) an archeologist who found the Manuscript
(c) an ancient Incan stela with magic powers
(d) a document they call the Manuscript

4. What happens when people start to question the church?
(a) society begins to fall apart
(b) society becomes totally atheistic
(c) society turns from the spiritual to the scientific
(d) the church launches persecution

5. Why does the narrator eat only vegetables at dinner?
(a) because it increases the ability to see the energy
(b) because he wants to see how they taste
(c) because he cannot eat llama meat
(d) because he never eats meat

6. What causes the narrator to lose his ability to see the energy fields?
(a) his doubt about seeing energy
(b) angry voices
(c) gunshots in the distance
(d) a sudden rainfall

7. What does Sarah tell the narrator is possible to see?
(a) the thoughts of other people
(b) a plant actually growing
(c) indications of weather coming weather change
(d) the energy around everything and everyone

8. What happens when researchers use their own energy to add to the energy around the plants, and show concern for the plants?
(a) They get plants to emit sounds.
(b) They get very tired.
(c) They affect the way plants grow.
(d) They create an electric generator.

9. What does Charlene say in the beginning of this time will become harder?
(a) to speak openly about the Manuscript
(b) to make rational decisions
(c) to convince people what is happening
(d) to continue relationships

10. Who is the man named Chris Reneau who resembles a friend of the narrator's?
(a) a French chef interested in the Manuscript
(b) a microbiologist from France
(c) a professor at the Sorbonne on vacation
(d) a French psychology professor teaching in Brazil

11. What does the narrator see when he watches Sarah concentrate on a bush?
(a) her skin color change to green
(b) the bush begin to tremble
(c) the bush beginning to grow
(d) her energy feeding into the bush

12. What does Dobson say scientists try to do?
(a) define humanity and the reasons for life itself
(b) provide scientific reasons for spiritual dogmas
(c) treat humanity as guinea pigs
(d) find answers in test tubes

13. Why does Phil teach the narrator to stare at his own fingers?
(a) in order to improve his focus
(b) in order to see his own energy
(c) in order to exercise his concentration
(d) in order to clear his mind

14. What information does Reneau share with the narrator?
(a) that he is not planning to return to Brazil
(b) that he has a copy of the Fourth Insight
(c) that he is looking for the Manuscript
(d) that he is actually from Canada

15. What does Reneau say the parents are doing to the girl by their bullying?
(a) taking energy away from her
(b) trying to teach her the Fourth Insight
(c) making her ready for the outside world
(d) giving her needed discipline

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the physics professor, Sarah Lorner, come to Viciente Lodge?

2. What does the narrator promise Charlene?

3. What does the narrator think about that makes him agree with Charlene?

4. What has preceded Dobson on this trip to Peru?

5. What does Wil finally give the narrator after they leave Cula?

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