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James Redfield
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the people in the novel either searching for or trying to suppress?
(a) tablets of stone older than the Ten Commandments
(b) an ancient Incan stela with magic powers
(c) an archeologist who found the Manuscript
(d) a document they call the Manuscript

2. What does Dobson tell the narrator to do?
(a) find a lawyer
(b) call the embassy
(c) run toward an alley
(d) use a false name

3. What does Reneau say the parents are doing to the girl by their bullying?
(a) giving her needed discipline
(b) taking energy away from her
(c) trying to teach her the Fourth Insight
(d) making her ready for the outside world

4. What does Sarah give to the narrator?
(a) directions to the place where the Manuscript was found
(b) a copy of the Third Insight to read for himself
(c) an invitation to a panel discussion
(d) a raincoat for pretection in the forest

5. Why is Dobson returning to Peru?
(a) To find more Insights.
(b) To challenge the government.
(c) To prove the Manuscript is wrong.
(d) To look for the priest.

6. Why does Reneau say that people draw energy from each other through conflict?
(a) to make sure they are alive
(b) to keep their energy levels exercised
(c) to avoid falling asleep
(d) to keep their own energy levels high

7. On the way to Cula, what does Wil instruct the narrator to do?
(a) be alert for any coincidences
(b) memorize the first three Insights
(c) read the road map and navigate
(d) work on developing his power to see energy fields

8. What does Charlene tell the narrator about?
(a) a Manuscript found in Peru
(b) a special resort in Peru
(c) a friend in a Peruvian jail
(d) a job in Peru he might want

9. What coincidence happens when the narrator gets up to go to the restroom?
(a) He hears a man mention the Manuscript to a stewardess.
(b) He meets and old friend from his university.
(c) He finds a copy of the First Insight in the magazine rack.
(d) He hears someone talking about a disappeared priest.

10. What is the first coincidence on the way to Cula?
(a) The car breaks down at a village where the priest lives.
(b) The narrator begins to see energy fields everywhere.
(c) The narrator sees a man that reminds him of a friend.
(d) They find another copy of an Insight.

11. While waiting in the car at Cula, who does the narrator spot?
(a) Reneau
(b) Phil
(c) Marjorie
(d) Sarah

12. What does Wil finally give the narrator after they leave Cula?
(a) a pistol for self-protection
(b) a copy of the Fourth Insight
(c) a serious lecture about stealing energy
(d) a survival kit for the mountains

13. Who is the man named Chris Reneau who resembles a friend of the narrator's?
(a) a professor at the Sorbonne on vacation
(b) a French psychology professor teaching in Brazil
(c) a microbiologist from France
(d) a French chef interested in the Manuscript

14. As they prepare to go to separate hotels, what do Dobson and the narrator do?
(a) agree to meet later
(b) meet up with Charlene
(c) exchange addresses
(d) run into the police

15. Why does the narrator not get out of the taxi at his hotel?
(a) the hotel is on fire
(b) another taxi is following him
(c) the taxi driver knows a cheaper hotel
(d) there are soldiers standing outside

Short Answer Questions

1. When Sarah arrives, what does she tell the narrator to do?

2. What will people need to overcome their restlessness?

3. How many Insights does Charlene say the Manuscript contains?

4. What does Wil say the narrator is not doing?

5. Why does Reneau decide to go to Viciente Lodge?

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