Objects & Places from The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure

James Redfield
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The Manuscript

An ancient document discovered by Indians in Peru and translated by a priest.

The Insights

Explanations of human behavior and ways to reach a higher plane of understanding of the spiritual side of humanity.

The Vision

An event when the narrator sees the creation of the earth and all life forms which inhabit the earth.

Control Drama

An unconscious method people employ in order to be on top of a situation, especially when applied to personal interactions.


The South American country where the Manuscript is found.

Viciente Lodge

A resort that hosts many scientific conferences in Peru.

Gas Station/Small Store

Where Wil and the narrator meet Reneau.


A small village where the narrator runs into Marjorie for a second time and where he meets Robert Jensen and learns the Fourth Insight.

The Mission

The place where a priest teaches the narrator the Fifth...

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