The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure Multiple Choice Test Questions

James Redfield
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Chapter 1, A Critical Mass

(a) a science fiction adventure
(b) a history of ancient civilization in Peru
(c) a biography of a shcool teacher
(d) a parable of New Age literature

2. What are the people in the novel either searching for or trying to suppress?
(a) tablets of stone older than the Ten Commandments
(b) an archeologist who found the Manuscript
(c) an ancient Incan stela with magic powers
(d) a document they call the Manuscript

3. What is Charlene doing when the narrator arrives at the restaurant?
(a) talking with two policemen
(b) talking on the phone
(c) reading copies of the Manuscript
(d) looking at her watch

4. What happened while Charlene was in the ladies' room?
(a) Someone stole her car.
(b) The restaurant caught fire.
(c) Her table was taken.
(d) Her briefcase was stolen.

5. How does the conversation start between Charlene and the narrator?
(a) discussing the stolen briefcase
(b) catching up since they last met
(c) suggesting items on the menu
(d) deciding where to meet than night

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