The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure Fun Activities

James Redfield
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Energy and Aura Illustration

Draw a picture of a person or object. Around that, show the energy field as a series of wavy lines. Beyond the energy field, show the aura in color.

Watch the Movie

Get a copy of The Celestine Prophecy DVD to watch in class. James Redfield was one of the producers as well as a writer to adapt the book into a movie.

Experiment with Seeing Energy

Find a quiet place near a tree or bush. Stare at the plant and try to see energy coming from the plant. Write down the results of your experiment and share it with the class.

Invite a New Age Speaker

Locate someone into New Age philosophy and invite that person to come and have a Q&A session with the class.

View Machu Picchu

Locate photos of Machu Picchu and decorate the bulletin board.

Invite a Yogi or Buddhist

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