The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

James Redfield
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Chapter 1, A Critical Mass

• The teacher lecture and handout centers on this novel as a parable as well as being a very good example of New Age literature.

• Coincidence in this parable is a vital ingredient where seemingly coincidental meetings take on a more metaphysical meaning.

• When the narrator goes to meet an old friend, Charlene, he has not seen in six years and the question arises in his mind, "Why now?"

• When he gets to the restaurant where they are to meet, Charlene is speaking with police about her stolen briefcase, an incident that marks the beginning of suspense.
• Charlene and the narrator catch up on the last six years before Charlene tells the narrator about a Manuscript she has heard about while in Peru.

• While this Manuscript was found in the Peruvian jungle, the government there will not acknowledge its existence which puzzles people who have...

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