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Short Answer Questions

1. Who notices that Julius Enderby appears uneasy and distressed about something?

2. Under what circumstances will the Spacers allow an investigation and will not send a report to their Outerworlds?

3. Who does Daneel think may be responsible?

4. What does Lije ask about Daneel's activities the night before?

5. What is Lije's response to Jesse's fears?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is it about Fastolfe's age that most Earthmen would find extraordinary and do you think you would enjoy his lifespan?

2. How has the word "city" changed in the time of this novel?

3. How and why is light regulated in the City's artificial environment?

4. How do you think Lije feels about bringing home a robot who is his professional partner?

5. What is the problem that Lije and R. Daneel encounter at the shoe store, and do you think the women are justified?

6. How does R. Daneel disprove Lije's theory and is Enderby's response appropriate?

7. What is Lije subjected to again as he enters Spacetown?

8. What is the process Lije has to go through to enter Spacetown and does this seem an invasion of privacy?

9. Do you think Lije's personal feelings about robots and his experience with R. Daneel in the shoe store will interfere with his job as a police officer to investigate the Spacer death with R. Daneel?

10. What is Lije's rationale for believing Dr. Sarton is not dead, but that the Spacers want the Earthmen to believe Dr. Sarton is murdered by a City dweller?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In "Introduction to a Family," we learn a little about Lije and Jesse's relationship and how they function as a family with their son, Bentley. Discuss the following:

1. Compare/contrast Lije's family with your own.

2. Thoroughly discuss and analyze the relationship between Lije and Jesse. Are their given names (Elijah and Jezebel) perhaps symbolic of their relationship in some way?

3. Do you think the family structure observed in THE CAVES OF STEEL is as strong as that in the general American population?

Essay Topic 2

Dr. Fastolfe is currently one hundred and sixty three years old, and on Fastolfe's home planet, Aurora, the average life expectancy for a male is three hundred and fifty years. Discuss the following:

1. What would it be like to have a life expectancy of 350 years?

2. Could Earth sustain life if people lived that long?

3. Do you think if the life expectancy were that long, the birth rate would plummet?

4. How long would adolescence last if one lived to be 350 years old?

Essay Topic 3

Lije questions why robots need to appear in the form of human likeness, why not another machine? Gerrigel states that the human form is the most generalized form in all of nature. It is an issue of economics and efficiency. Discuss the following:

1. Do you agree with Gerrigel that the human form is the most generalized form in all of nature? What do you think Gerrigel means by that?

2. Why is the human form more economical and efficient?

3. Even if the human form is more economical and efficient, why do you think Dr. Sarton made R. Daneel anatomically correct, even to his genetalia? Does that amount of exactitude serve a purpose? What would that be?

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