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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Clousarr say he has been during the last few nights?
(a) In home asleep.
(b) Out of town.
(c) Out walking.
(d) With his wife.

2. With what did Enderby intend to blackmail Lije if necessary?
(a) That Lije has an extra ration card.
(b) Jesse's membership in an anti-robot group.
(c) The fact that Lije's brother is in prison for life.
(d) Lije's illegitimate child.

3. What is Dr. Gerrigel not able to imagine a human would do voluntarily?
(a) Going to Spacetown.
(b) Keeping an android in the house.
(c) Exiting the city and traveling across country on foot.
(d) Traveling by train.

4. What did Daneel detect in Clousarr?
(a) Cerebric changes.
(b) A hostility beyond what is rational.
(c) An openness to change.
(d) No brain waves.

5. Why is Vincent Barrett a suspect in the death of R. Sammy?
(a) Because R. Sammy has an affair with Vincent's wife.
(b) Because R. Sammy insulted Vincent in front of other cops.
(c) Because R. Sammy took Vincent's job.
(d) Because R. Sammy is a robot.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the purpose of the investigation of Dr. Sarton's murder for the Spacers?

2. Who does Lije convince to come to New York City?

3. Where does Lije escort his guest and Daneel?

4. What does Daneel believe about Jesse?

5. Who is one member of the group that Lije recognizes the name?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Daneel and Lije return to their apartment, what horrifies does Daneel do that horrifies Lije? Would you feel the same way

2. What theme is demonstrated by the conversation between Lije and Norris?

3. How has the murder of R. Sammy changed the relationship between Lije and R. Daneel?

4. How does Dr. Gerrigel demonstrate the first law of robotics and at the same time prove once and for all R. Daneel's innocence?

5. Why can't Daneel use cerebroanalysis to find the murderer?

6. How is R. Daneel able to assure Lije of Enderby's innocence and does Daneel's explanation seem plausible?

7. Who does Lije call in Washington, D.C. and why does Lije call the man?

8. What does the visit to Yeast town demonstrate?

9. How does the conversation between Lije and Clousarr show Lije's changing opinions of robots?

10. Do you think Clousarr is an evil character?

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