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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Philip Norris, Plain Clothes Man C-5 ask Lije?
(a) If Enderby is still a suspect in the death of Dr. Sarton.
(b) About his closeness to Enderby.
(c) If Philip can borrow Lije's blaster.
(d) If he can partner with him on the next murder case.

2. What does Clousarr try to do to Daneel?
(a) Shoot him.
(b) Punch him.
(c) Rile him.
(d) Ignore him.

3. With what did Enderby intend to blackmail Lije if necessary?
(a) The fact that Lije's brother is in prison for life.
(b) Jesse's membership in an anti-robot group.
(c) Lije's illegitimate child.
(d) That Lije has an extra ration card.

4. For what was Daneel originally built?
(a) To live in the City.
(b) To be a prototype for a new generation of robots.
(c) To help Dr. Sarton.
(d) To study human psychology for the people in Spacetown and conducting cerebroanalysis.

5. With what group does Jesse re-involve herself?
(a) Fatalist.
(b) Roboticsmania.
(c) Rennaissance Knights.
(d) Medievalists.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Lije decide to leave Jessie's name out of his report about the group?

2. What is dangerous to a positronic brain?

3. How does Clousarr act towards Lije?

4. What is one of the things that gives Lije the idea that Enderby is guilty of killing Dr. Sarton?

5. What does Dr. Fastolfe tell Daneel to tell Lije?

Short Essay Questions

1. Does Lije seem to be finally thinking more clearly and to what might you attribute that?

2. What does Lije propose and how does Dr. Gerrigel refute Lije's theory?

3. How does Lije react to Bentley showing up at the apartment and what does this say about the relationship between Lije and Jesse?

4. Do you think Lije and Enderby's relationship has changed and how so?

5. Why can't Daneel use cerebroanalysis to find the murderer?

6. How has the murder of R. Sammy changed the relationship between Lije and R. Daneel?

7. Discuss the game Lije played in his earlier days and how it figures in to his sense of competitiveness with R. Daneel?

8. How does THE CAVES OF STEEL reach its climax and subsequent denouement?

9. How do you think Lije's prejudice towards robots hinders his murder investigation?

10. What theme is demonstrated by the conversation between Lije and Norris?

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