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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is ironic about Daneel threatening to use a blaster against a human?
(a) Daneel is violating the law he is sworn to uphold.
(b) Robots cannot use blasters against humans.
(c) Daneel does not have a real blaster.
(d) Daneel is human.

2. What does Fastolfe fear?
(a) That Dr. Sarton was doing something unethical.
(b) That the general public would want to visit Spacers.
(c) That the general public thinks Spacers are afraid of Earthmen.
(d) That the Spacers could be wiped out by disease.

3. Where is the family usually required to eat?
(a) The community kitchen.
(b) Anywhere they want.
(c) With the next-door neighbors.
(d) The restaurant down the street.

4. Why does Lije go to Spacetown?
(a) To find the robot.
(b) To start interviewing potential robot partners.
(c) To have dinner with the Commissioner.
(d) To see if he wants to conduct the investigation.

5. What does Lije state to Enderby and the others?
(a) That he thinks Dr. Sarton is alive.
(b) That Dr. Fastolfe should not be on the case.
(c) That Dr. Fastolfe is the culprit.
(d) That Daneel killed Dr. Sarton.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what is R. Daneel Olivaw a prototype?

2. What is Jesse's impression of Daneel's demeanor?

3. Of what does Jesse accuse Lije?

4. Where did Lije meet Jesse?

5. About what are the women at the shoe store angry?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is the murder victim and what do the Spacers think about his murder?

2. How are robots used by Earthmen versus Spacers?

3. What is Lije subjected to again as he enters Spacetown?

4. Why is Lije upset by R. Daneel's actions to control the crowd?

5. What is Lije's rationale for believing Dr. Sarton is not dead, but that the Spacers want the Earthmen to believe Dr. Sarton is murdered by a City dweller?

6. Why did Dr. Sarton engage in robotic research?

7. Do you think Lije's personal feelings about robots and his experience with R. Daneel in the shoe store will interfere with his job as a police officer to investigate the Spacer death with R. Daneel?

8. How do you think Lije feels about bringing home a robot who is his professional partner?

9. How does Dr. Fastolfe explain the Spacers's paranoia about contact with Earthmen?

10. What is established at the opening of the novel?

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