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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Daneel think an Earthman could enter the Spacer territory?
(a) Daneel does not believe it is possible.
(b) Through the countryside.
(c) Disguised as a robot.
(d) Using an invisibility machine.

2. What does Lije say to Enderby about R. Daneel?
(a) That Daneel seems rather emotional for a robot.
(b) That Daneel is already trying to take over the investigation.
(c) That Lije wishes he had known ahead of time about how human Daneel appears.
(d) That Daneel is an incredible robot.

3. Of what is R. Daneel Olivaw a prototype?
(a) A type of robot with artificial intelligence.
(b) A new step forward in human evolution.
(c) A new breed of humans who can mate with androids.
(d) A combination of organic and non-organic materials.

4. Where did Lije meet Jesse?
(a) At the beach.
(b) Near the Grand Canyon.
(c) At a Section Christmas party.
(d) Off world.

5. What was not done according to Lije?
(a) An xray of Daneel.
(b) A polygraph of Daneel.
(c) A DNA analysis of Daneel.
(d) An examination of organic tissue.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who warms up to Daneel quickly?

2. What is one thing that may be difficult for Lije in working with the robot?

3. How do guards address Lije at the entrance to Spacetown?

4. What is the reason for some of the riots?

5. How will Enderby be witness to the investigation?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the process Lije has to go through to enter Spacetown and does this seem an invasion of privacy?

2. How did Lije meet Jesse, his wife, and what about their names may foreshadow something further in the story?

3. What is established at the opening of the novel?

4. Who is the murder victim and what do the Spacers think about his murder?

5. What do you think is the significance of the fact that the family is required to eat in the community kitchen most of the week?

6. What is it about R. Daneel that makes it difficult for Lije to believe Daneel is not human?

7. Often foreshadowing is not apparent until later, but there are usually reasons an author mentions something trivial because it foreshadows something later: What is one thing that may be foreshadowing?

8. Why is Lije upset by R. Daneel's actions to control the crowd?

9. What is Lije's rationale for believing Dr. Sarton is not dead, but that the Spacers want the Earthmen to believe Dr. Sarton is murdered by a City dweller?

10. Why is R. Daneel so different from other robots?

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