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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lije believe Enderby will think about Lije's theory of the murder?
(a) Enderby will replace Lije on the case.
(b) Enderby will be furious.
(c) Enderby will fire Lije from the force altogether.
(d) Enderby thinks there are some valid points to the theory.

2. What is Lije's response to Jesse's fears?
(a) That Jesse's job is safe as long as Lije helps Enderby.
(b) That she is being childish.
(c) That she is still young enough for another child.
(d) That Lije is safer as a cop than in many other professions.

3. What does Lije question about Enderby?
(a) If Enderby knows why Spacers are so distant from the City dwellers.
(b) If Enderby knows how to interact with a android.
(c) If Enderby knows Dr. Sarton's widow.
(d) If Enderby has a way into the Spacer world.

4. What does Lije state to Enderby and the others?
(a) That Dr. Fastolfe is the culprit.
(b) That he thinks Dr. Sarton is alive.
(c) That Daneel killed Dr. Sarton.
(d) That Dr. Fastolfe should not be on the case.

5. What will Lije receive if he agrees to working with a robot?
(a) A large raise.
(b) A grateful boss.
(c) New knowledge about how robots operate.
(d) Prestige among his colleagues.

Short Answer Questions

1. From what planet is Roj Nemennuh Sarton?

2. What does Lije explain to the women?

3. What is the average life expectancy for a male on Fastolfe's home planet, Aurora?

4. What does R. Daneel arrange?

5. How does Daneel think an Earthman could enter the Spacer territory?

Short Essay Questions

1. Does it seem Jessie's uneasiness about R. Daneel is her peculiar belief or do others share her sentiments?

2. How does R. Daneel disprove Lije's theory and is Enderby's response appropriate?

3. How does Dr. Fastolfe explain the Spacers's paranoia about contact with Earthmen?

4. What is established at the opening of the novel?

5. What is the process Lije has to go through to enter Spacetown and does this seem an invasion of privacy?

6. Often foreshadowing is not apparent until later, but there are usually reasons an author mentions something trivial because it foreshadows something later: What is one thing that may be foreshadowing?

7. What do you think could be an advantage if a clerk who is serving you were a robot?

8. Do you think Lije's personal feelings about robots and his experience with R. Daneel in the shoe store will interfere with his job as a police officer to investigate the Spacer death with R. Daneel?

9. Why does Lije request Enderby to be a witness to a conversation Lije is about to have with Dr. Fastolfe and R. Daneel?

10. What are a couple differences between the City where Lije lives and Spacetown?

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