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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Daneel is explaining his abilities, what briefly crosses Lije's mind?
(a) That Enderby could be them murderer.
(b) That Daneel is capable of lying.
(c) That Lije could get to like Daneel as a friend.
(d) That Daneel is incapable of lying.

2. What does Clousarr try to do to Daneel?
(a) Ignore him.
(b) Shoot him.
(c) Punch him.
(d) Rile him.

3. What is one of the things that gives Lije the idea that Enderby is guilty of killing Dr. Sarton?
(a) Lije sees a blaster burn on Enderby's leg.
(b) Enderby uses Jesse's real name and says Clousarr used it.
(c) Lije knows Enderby killed R. Sammy.
(d) Lije realizes Enderby could have gone to the power plant.

4. About what does Lije press Daneel?
(a) Whether Dr. Sarton truly is dead.
(b) Daneel knowing so much about the crime scene.
(c) Enderby knowing about the crime scene details.
(d) Enderby being a suspect.

5. Where does Lije think Daneel could hide a blaster?
(a) Daneel can't hide one.
(b) In his food sac.
(c) In his arm cavity.
(d) In his leg cavity.

6. What makes Lije uneasy?
(a) Having to suspect everyone as the murderer of Dr. Sarton.
(b) Not quite believing that Dr. Sarton is really dead.
(c) The story about the man who committed a murder in London.
(d) Having to ask Daneel advice.

7. How does Enderby accidentally kill Dr. Sarton?
(a) In thinking Dr. Sarton is Daneel.
(b) It was no accident.
(c) Enderby's blaster went off when he trips.
(d) Enderby intended to kill Fastole and Sarton got in the way.

8. When the men are chasing Lije and Daneel, what does Daneel soon tell Lije?
(a) That Daneel doesn't have his blaster.
(b) That only one man is still chasing them.
(c) That Daneel may have to kill one of the men.
(d) That Lije left his blaster on the table.

9. What happens when Daneel and Lije rise from their table?
(a) Daneel trips and falls into a woman who screams "robot."
(b) Two men who are watching them also rise.
(c) The manager tells them the dinner is on him.
(d) The waiter asks them to leave via the kitchen.

10. What does Dr. Fastolfe tell Daneel to tell Lije?
(a) That the investigation into Dr. Sarton's death is being closed.
(b) That Lije is needed back in Spacetown.
(c) That Daneel has to return to Aurora.
(d) That Dr. Sarton is indeed alive.

11. What is the name of one of the men from the shoe store and kitchen incident?
(a) John Derrick.
(b) Paul Gerry.
(c) Gerard Stepanoupolis.
(d) Gerard Paul.

12. How is Lije feeling at the opening of this chapter?
(a) Angry.
(b) Satisfied that the case is closed.
(c) Conflicted and confused.
(d) Unhappy.

13. Where do Daneel and Lije go?
(a) To their apartment.
(b) To Yeast Town.
(c) To Washington, D.C.
(d) Spacertown.

14. Where does Lije escort his guest and Daneel?
(a) To Spacetown.
(b) To the shoe store.
(c) To Conference Room D, a spy-insulated chamber.
(d) To his apartment.

15. Why is Vincent Barrett a suspect in the death of R. Sammy?
(a) Because R. Sammy took Vincent's job.
(b) Because R. Sammy insulted Vincent in front of other cops.
(c) Because R. Sammy is a robot.
(d) Because R. Sammy has an affair with Vincent's wife.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the obvious suspect as the killer of Dr. Sarton?

2. What does Lije want to test with Daneel?

3. To what does Lije's mind think back?

4. What does Lije think he needs to find in Daneel?

5. Under what stipulation will Lije and Daneel agree not to prosecute Enderby?

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