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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Lije and his two sisters live after his father dies?
(a) An orphanage.
(b) In a homeless shelter.
(c) With their older brother.
(d) With their grandmother.

2. What does Lije ask Fastolfe?
(a) Why Earthmen have not been told the truth.
(b) Why Fastole lives with the Spacers.
(c) Why Spacers want to infiltrate Earth.
(d) Why Spacers hate Earthmen.

3. What makes it difficult for humans to enter Spacetown?
(a) The steps and other conveniences are not the right size for humans.
(b) A force barrier put in place by the Spacers 25 years earlier.
(c) The noise.
(d) The pollution.

4. What must Lije do to enter Spacetown?
(a) Perform a series of fitness routines.
(b) Shower.
(c) Agree to have his head shaved.
(d) Leave all his personal effects with the guards.

5. Of what is R. Daneel Olivaw a prototype?
(a) A new breed of humans who can mate with androids.
(b) A combination of organic and non-organic materials.
(c) A new step forward in human evolution.
(d) A type of robot with artificial intelligence.

6. In what does Lije try to intervene?
(a) The vilification of robots.
(b) His wife's bad habits.
(c) The shooting death of a colleague.
(d) The commotion he and the robot enounter.

7. What makes Lije feel disgust for robots?
(a) Seeing Daneel reprogram his visual acuity.
(b) Daneel talking about his hard drive.
(c) The idea of one reproducing.
(d) When Daneel talks about how he will punish the murderer.

8. What does the government call things such as riots?
(a) Growing pains.
(b) Necessary evils.
(c) Nothing; they pretend those sort of things don't exist.
(d) Horrific happenings.

9. What is Lije's real name?
(a) Lije.
(b) Lijemas.
(c) Elijah.
(d) Ellijaman.

10. What is Elijah Baley's occupation?
(a) Lawyer.
(b) Biologist.
(c) Politician.
(d) Policeman.

11. What does Dr. Fastolfe suggest to Lije?
(a) That Lije remove himself from the case.
(b) That Lije watch some book-films of the crime scene.
(c) That Lije walk about in the Spacer world to get more familiar with them.
(d) That Lije try to see Daneel as a partner rather than adversary.

12. What does Lije regret not seeing?
(a) The world of Aurora.
(b) Earth before it became badly polluted.
(c) The Spacer city.
(d) The book-films on the crime scene.

13. What is one clue that makes Lije think Daneel is human?
(a) Lije found him with a woman.
(b) He ate dinner.
(c) He threatened humans in the shoe store.
(d) Daneel cried over a sad movie.

14. What is Lije's response to Jesse's fears?
(a) That she is being childish.
(b) That she is still young enough for another child.
(c) That Jesse's job is safe as long as Lije helps Enderby.
(d) That Lije is safer as a cop than in many other professions.

15. What is ironic about Daneel threatening to use a blaster against a human?
(a) Daneel does not have a real blaster.
(b) Robots cannot use blasters against humans.
(c) Daneel is human.
(d) Daneel is violating the law he is sworn to uphold.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Enderby's response about Daneel?

2. Of what does Fastolfe dream?

3. Why has Dr. Sarton's murder been assigned to the Commissioner's office?

4. What does Daneel say will happen to the next person who takes action against a robot?

5. What does Daneel order the store manager to do?

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