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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From what planet is Roj Nemennuh Sarton?
(a) Pleides.
(b) Aurora.
(c) Mars.
(d) Amster.

2. About what does Jesse ask Lije?
(a) Why he brought a robot home.
(b) Why he is late.
(c) The shoe store incident.
(d) What he had for dinner.

3. What do Lije and Daneel do after the store patrons calm?
(a) Wait for several squad cars to come and monitor the situation.
(b) Rush onto the expressway.
(c) Get some doughnuts.
(d) Write up a report.

4. What does Fastolfe fear?
(a) That the general public thinks Spacers are afraid of Earthmen.
(b) That the Spacers could be wiped out by disease.
(c) That the general public would want to visit Spacers.
(d) That Dr. Sarton was doing something unethical.

5. Who is Roj Nemennuh Sarton?
(a) The suspect.
(b) The forensics specialist.
(c) The head of the Spacer administration.
(d) The murder victim.

6. In what field did Roj Nemennuh Sarton specialize?
(a) Adminstration.
(b) Biology.
(c) Robotics.
(d) Pathology.

7. What does Daneel suddenly do?
(a) Punches Lije.
(b) Faints.
(c) Pulls his arm off in two pieces revealing metal.
(d) Runs.

8. What would be an immense challenge?
(a) Obtaining legal compensation against the manufacturer.
(b) A fair investigation.
(c) A robot partner.
(d) Proving the suicide was just that.

9. In what did Lije participate?
(a) The Earth to Mars marathon.
(b) The great reef race.
(c) The great exodus.
(d) The Barrier Riots.

10. How does Daneel think an Earthman could enter the Spacer territory?
(a) Through the countryside.
(b) Daneel does not believe it is possible.
(c) Using an invisibility machine.
(d) Disguised as a robot.

11. Where is Dr. Sarton's body now?
(a) At the funeral home.
(b) Cremated.
(c) In the Earthman morgue.
(d) In the Spacer morgue.

12. Of what does Jesse accuse Lije?
(a) Of being overly protective.
(b) Of being insensitive.
(c) Of being Enderby's lackey for years.
(d) Of being an inattentive father.

13. What must Lije leave behind at the guard station?
(a) His watch.
(b) Nothing.
(c) His clothing.
(d) His blaster.

14. Where do Lije and his two sisters live after his father dies?
(a) With their older brother.
(b) An orphanage.
(c) With their grandmother.
(d) In a homeless shelter.

15. What does Lije state to Enderby and the others?
(a) That Daneel killed Dr. Sarton.
(b) That he thinks Dr. Sarton is alive.
(c) That Dr. Fastolfe is the culprit.
(d) That Dr. Fastolfe should not be on the case.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the robot and Lije encounter on the way to Lije's home?

2. Who warms up to Daneel quickly?

3. Who is R. Daneel Olivaw?

4. Who do the Spacers believe is responsible for the spacer's death?

5. What is Jesse's full name?

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