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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Conclusion Of A Project.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what is Jessie fearful as the meetings became more heated?
(a) That Bentley will be threatened.
(b) That Lije will be harmed.
(c) That she will lose her apartment.
(d) That Lije will lose his job.

2. About what are the women at the shoe store angry?
(a) Because robots are not allowed to shop there.
(b) That the clerks are robots.
(c) Because the store manager insulted an elderly customer.
(d) That the special sale is canceled.

3. Who is Roj Nemennuh Sarton?
(a) The forensics specialist.
(b) The head of the Spacer administration.
(c) The suspect.
(d) The murder victim.

4. Of what does Daneel remind Lije?
(a) That the night is when the murder occurred.
(b) That Bentley will be in trouble for talking to a robot.
(c) That they have much to do that night.
(d) That Bentley does not know he is a robot.

5. What would Lije not mind as far as his position?
(a) A new boss.
(b) A new secretary.
(c) A different office with a window.
(d) A promotion.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do the Spacers believe is responsible for the spacer's death?

2. What do Lije and Daneel do after the store patrons calm?

3. Why is Daneel eliminated as a suspect?

4. About what does Jesse ask Lije?

5. To where do the two cops run?

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