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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Conclusion Of A Project.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who knocks on the apartment door?
(a) Dr. Sarton.
(b) Enderby.
(c) Bentley.
(d) Dr. Fastolfe.

2. What does Lije tell Enderby in a last ditch effort to hold his life and job together?
(a) That Daneel killed R. Sammy.
(b) That Lije is going to make Enderby look good to the higher ups.
(c) That Lije knows who murdered Dr. Sarton.
(d) That Lije knows who murdered R. Sammy.

3. Why does Lije decide to leave Jessie's name out of his report about the group?
(a) She has told them everything she knows and has not committed any crime.
(b) She has been duped.
(c) She is the mother of his child.
(d) She is his wife.

4. Why does Enderby think Dr. Sarton is dead?
(a) Dr. Sarton's wife identified his dead body.
(b) He has the body in the morgue.
(c) He got a note from Sarton saying he was fearful someone was trying to kill him.
(d) He saw the man's corpse.

5. Who is the obvious suspect as the killer of Dr. Sarton?
(a) Enderby.
(b) A Spacer.
(c) Someone from Aurora.
(d) A City dweller.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the purpose of the investigation of Dr. Sarton's murder for the Spacers?

2. From what does Lije tell Daneel to stay away?

3. What is dangerous to a positronic brain?

4. Why is Vincent Barrett a suspect in the death of R. Sammy?

5. Who is one member of the group that Lije recognizes the name?

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