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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Analysis Of A Murder.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who warms up to Daneel quickly?
(a) The neighbor.
(b) Jesse.
(c) The police at the station.
(d) Bentley.

2. What is Jesse's full name?
(a) Jesse.
(b) Jezebel.
(c) Jessica.
(d) Jessiman.

3. What does Daneel say will happen to the next person who takes action against a robot?
(a) The person will be killed.
(b) The person will be arrested.
(c) The person will be confined for a week in a robot factory.
(d) The person will have to live with the Spacers for 6 months.

4. In what did Lije participate?
(a) The Barrier Riots.
(b) The Earth to Mars marathon.
(c) The great exodus.
(d) The great reef race.

5. Where do Lije and his two sisters live after his father dies?
(a) In a homeless shelter.
(b) An orphanage.
(c) With their older brother.
(d) With their grandmother.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who disagrees with Lije's idea?

2. How did a spacer die three days ago?

3. What is the reason for some of the riots?

4. What is Julius Enderby's occupation?

5. What does Daneel order the store manager to do?

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