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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Arrest of A Conspirator.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what did Lije participate?
(a) The Earth to Mars marathon.
(b) The great exodus.
(c) The Barrier Riots.
(d) The great reef race.

2. Who is Francis Clousarr?
(a) An employee at New York Yeast who has several robot friends.
(b) Lije's best friend.
(c) An employee at New York Yeast who was arrested when he was 32 years old for participating in a riot.
(d) Another detective who wants the Sarton case.

3. What is difficult for Lije about the robot?
(a) That the robot is green.
(b) That the robot seems to read Lije's mind.
(c) His likeness to real humans.
(d) That the robot only talks when necessary.

4. Essentially, how does Lije react to Jesse's fears?
(a) Listens patiently and says she has good points.
(b) Tells her he is divorcing her.
(c) Tells her to find a new job where her imagination can be used better.
(d) Shrugs them off and goes to sleep.

5. What does Lije tell Jesse when she is worried?
(a) That he has a couple bodyguards at all times.
(b) That Bentley is now in danger.
(c) To stop being so concerned.
(d) That he has quit the case.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Enderby think Dr. Sarton is dead?

2. Who asks Lije about the call he made to Washington D.C. to Dr. Gerrigel, a roboticist specialist?

3. What does Jesse ask Lije that night?

4. What does Lije ask about Daneel's activities the night before?

5. What does Lije notice about R. Daneel?

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