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The area Spacers inhabit around Cities.

The Outer Worlds

49 planets colonized by Earthmen who were transported there and created self-sustaining populations.

The Spacers

Beings who have overtaken areas of the world such as New York City's Spacetown.


This is an underpopulated society where the individual leads a life of comfort, as well as having the ability to study the aging process at length.


The areas of Newark, New Brunswick and Trenton, this land was once residential and is now taken over by many-layered farms, producing thousands of varieties of yeast.

Balance Room

A laboratory of New York Yeast, producing cultures of every strain of yeast.

Alpha Sprayer

Lead-alloy casing with a narrow pit dug into it longitudinally.


Weapon used by police officers and carried at all times.


The contemporary version of the subway, it consists of connecting strips that link 60 mile per hour...

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