The Caves of Steel Character Descriptions

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Elijah Baley

The main protagonist of the story, this character is a police officer and native of New York City.

R. Daneel Olivaw

This character is a humanoid Spacer robot, highly advanced in comparison to the robots of Earth.

Julius Enderby

This character is the Commissioner of Police in New York City.

Jessie Baley

This character is a former dietitian's assistant and performs her duties as a devoted wife and mother.

Bentley Baley

Lije and Jessie's son.

Dr. Roj Nemennuh Sarton

This character is a citizen of the planet Aurora and is the murder victim.

R. Sammy

The robot assistant to Commissioner Enderby.

Dr. Han Fastolfe

A colleague of Dr. Sarton's, he has a degree in Sociology, specializing in robotics.

Dr. Gerrigel

A robotics expert living in Washington D.C., this character is requested by Lije to come to New York City and inspect Daneel as a possible...

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