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Conversation With A Commissioner

• Commissioner Enderby assigns Lije to work on the murder case of a Spacer being killed by a blaster.

• Spacers will agree to an Earth investigation if the investigator, Lije, will agree to work with a robot partner.

• A robot partner will be an immense challenge.

• Enderby offers Lije an extensive raise if he agrees.
• Lije will have to live with the robot.

• Lije is angry because he is in a difficult position and can hardly refuse the case.

• If the robot solves the case alone, it would justify not having humans as cops and Liije does not want that to happen.

Roundtrip On An Expressway

• Lije goes to Spacetown to find the robot and goes through a medical exam before entering Spacetown.

• Dr. Sarton's murder has been assigned to the Commissioner's office.

• As Lije travels, he explains various terms that have changed meanings in...

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