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Nicholas Dawidoff
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a political term that refers to a country that is formally independent, but under heavy political and economic influence or control by another country?
(a) Associate state.
(b) Pressured state.
(c) Satellite state.
(d) Mirror state.

2. Moe Berg arrived in Rome how long after it was liberated in 1944?
(a) 5 days.
(b) 1 week.
(c) 2 days.
(d) 3 weeks.

3. What other regular radio quiz show guest and sports commentator said "Moe was the most scholarly professional athlete (I) ever knew"?
(a) Antonio Ferri.
(b) William Donovan.
(c) Niels Bohr.
(d) John Kieran.

4. Due to problems that the CIA had with Moe Berg's methods, his contract with them was not renewed in what year?
(a) 1958.
(b) 1957.
(c) 1954.
(d) 1955.

5. What was a unique variety of fascism that incorporated biological racism and antisemitism during WWII?
(a) Communism.
(b) Dudeism.
(c) Capitolism.
(d) Nazism.

Short Answer Questions

1. What radical, authoritarian nationalist political ideology advocates the creation of a totalitarian single-party state that seeks the mass mobilization of a nation through indoctrination, physical education, and family policy including eugenics?

2. Who did Moe Berg convince Lise Meitner to write a letter to while in Switzerland?

3. The OIAA courted Moe Berg in the spring of what year, often coming to him at the ballpark to discuss his possible role with them?

4. Werner Heisenberg was awarded the 1932 Nobel Prize in Physics for his contributions to what?

5. When was Nelson Rockefeller born?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who did Moe Berg mentor in Chapter 8, "Mr. Berg, You've Been Brilliant"?

2. On what radio show did Moe Berg appear in Chapter 8, "Mr. Berg, You've Been Brilliant"? Why did he discontinue appearing on the show?

3. What was the U.S. Government's principle concern over the German scientist described in Chapter 10, "Remus Heads for Rome"?

4. Who did Moe Berg visit in January of 1946 in Chapter 12, "Always Good Company? What was his objective in the visit?

5. What impression did Moe Berg's Japan films have on the OSS in Chapter 9, "Southern Junket"?

6. Where did Moe Berg travel in the spring of 1944 for the OSS in Chapter 11, "A Perfect Spy"?

7. Who did the OSS send Moe Berg to visit in June, 1945, in Chapter 12, "Always Good Company"? What did he accomplish in this visit?

8. Who did Moe Berg go to work for after leaving the OIAA in Chapter 9, "Southern Junket? What woman did he have a relationship at this time?

9. What German scientist did the U.S. have concern for in Chapter 10, "Remus Heads for Rome"?

10. What financial troubles did Moe Berg encounter in Chapter 13, "A Life Without Calendar"?

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