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Allie's Baseball Mitt

This is Holden's physical connection to his deceased brother, and what Allie used to write poems on. Holden keeps his dead brother Allie’s baseball mitt with him. Allie covered the mitt in poetry so he could read it while he was alone in the outfield.

Red Hunting Hat

Holden purchased this prized possession for a dollar in New York. This is also what he gives to Phoebe before saying goodbye to her. After Holden loses his fencing team’s equipment, he buys a red hunting hat that he wears periodically throughout the novel, though it is silly looking.

“Little Shirley Beans”

This record is a rare record in which an adult singer sings a children's song. Holden purchases it for Phoebe but breaks it before he can give it to her. Holden searches for and finds the “Little Shirley Beans” record to buy his...

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