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Short Answer Questions

1. What device does Mary bring Qwilleran to help his injured knee?

2. What was Andy contemplating on selling, according to Mary Duckworth?

3. What interrupts Qwilleran as he first sits down to read the manuscript?

4. What is The Lion's Tail?

5. What does Iris say about the machine Qwilleran found?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Yum Yum show Qwilleran and where was it?

2. How does Koko inadvertently solve the mystery?

3. What was C. C. supposedly looking for in the Ellsworth house?

4. What arrangement does Qwilleran make with Mary?

5. What does Qwilleran find in Nicolas's apartment after he has a meal with him?

6. Explain who Qwilleran suspects of having gone to the Ellsworth House.

7. What is the evidence Qwilleran discovers outside the Ellsworth House?

8. What information does Mrs. McGuffey give Qwilleran about the Cobb house?

9. While Iris is away, what does Hollis Prantz come looking for?

10. What does Qwilleran learn from reading the manuscript that explains the calls for horse braces?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In two or more type written double spaced pages, write an essay on "Introduction of Elements Important to Solving the Mystery". In the first five chapters of the novel, several important bits of information are introduced that will later have a bearing on the solution. Include in your essay a discussion of (1) the weight of the Mackintosh Coat of Arms, (2) the pot bellied stove which seems to serve no purpose, and (3) the emphasis placed on Andy Glanz's high moral standards that are not shared by other people in Junktown.

Essay Topic 2

In two or more type written double spaced pages, write an essay on "Lilian Jackson Braun as a Mystery Writer". Select three or more elements of style (e.g., vocabulary, literary tools such as similes and metaphors, and/or building suspense at the end of a chapter to keep the pages turning. Discuss your selections in detail, and give your opinion as to Braun's effectiveness with these elements.

Essay Topic 3

In two or more type written double spaced pages, write an essay on "How to Look for Clues in a Mystery Novel". Using examples from the novel, discuss (1) how important clues such as the pot bellied stove are introduced in a trivial manner, (2) how to spot red herrings like Mary's disturbing phone calls, and (3) how to formulate theories in the same manner the detectives in the novel do.

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