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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was the "hot" manuscript hidden?
(a) Under a photograph in a frame.
(b) In the pot bellied stove.
(c) Behind the bookshelf.
(d) Under the rug.

2. When Mary visits Qwilleran in his apartment, what does he show her?
(a) The note he found in Ben's apartment.
(b) The feather he found in Ben's apartment.
(c) The photo he found in Ben's apartment.
(d) The hair he found in Ben's apartment.

3. What does Qwilleran discover that Andy Glanz was doing before his murder?
(a) Planning to enlarge his antique shop.
(b) Writing a novel based on people in Junktown.
(c) Keeping a diary about his affairs in Junktown.
(d) Talking to the police about activities in Junktown.

4. Which character in the novel has "an expensive sound system"?
(a) Ben Nicholas.
(b) Hollis Prantz.
(c) Russell Patch.
(d) Cluthra.

5. What awaits Qwilleran when he returns to his apartment?
(a) A chocolate cake from Iris.
(b) A message to call the Fluxion.
(c) Another gift from Koko and Yum Yum.
(d) A note from Mary.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Qwilleran and Ben go on a late night "scrounge."?

2. What had Mary found at Andy's place identical to what Qwilleran found in his apartment?

3. Back home, what does Iris say about the radio Hollis Prantz was looking for?

4. Who was the only one who had read Andy's novel?

5. Who do Qwilleran and Iris suspect killed C. C.?

Short Essay Questions

1. What other mystery does Koko uncover at the end of the novel?

2. What arrangement does Qwilleran make with Ben Nicolas?

3. After Mary leaves, what does Qwilleran do to show that he is a genuine cat lover?

4. What amusing information does Cluthra provide when Qwilleran goes to visit her?

5. Why do Qwilleran and Mary move the bookshelf in his apartment?

6. What is interesting about the pattern of the sole of Russell Patch's boots?

7. what does Qwilleran eventually learn about how Russell Patch has the money to buy all his expensive equipment?

8. Why does Qwilleran finally get around to hanging the Mackintosh coat of arms, and who comes to help him do it?

9. How does Braun draw out the suspense with Qwilleran's reading of Andy's manuscript?

10. What information does Mrs. McGuffey give Qwilleran about the Cobb house?

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