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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On his outing with Ben, what important observation does Qwilleran make?
(a) Something in the dust on the floor.
(b) Something in a dressing room.
(c) Something behind the curtains.
(d) Something near the exit.

2. After leaving the police station, who is the person he leaves Iris with?
(a) Cluthra.
(b) Mary Duckworth.
(c) Ben Nicolas.
(d) A nurse at the hospital.

3. What does Qwilleran find in the new desk Iris gave him?
(a) Old newspaper clippings.
(b) An old Royal typewriter.
(c) C. C.'s tape machine.
(d) A pair of horse braces.

4. When Ben buys drinks for everyone, what does Qwilleran observe about Ben's money?
(a) It is folded like the bill he found in his apartment.
(b) It is kept in an antique wallet.
(c) It is held together with a silver money clip.
(d) It is a little damp.

5. What is Qwilleran first told Russell's roommate does for a living?
(a) That he is a chef.
(b) That he is a manicurist.
(c) That he is a hairdresser.
(d) That he is a secretary.

Short Answer Questions

1. What information does Qwilleran relay to his editor, Riker?

2. Whose car does Qwilleran discover fits the size and shape of the second car that was at the Ellsworth House?

3. What distracts Qwilleran as he unfolds the piece of foil the cats have left for him?

4. What do Qwilleran and Mary discover about Andy's unreported income?

5. Who helps Qwilleran hand the Mackintosh coat of arms over his mantle?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Riker tell Qwilleran about his writing when Qwilleran drops in at the Fluxion office?

2. Why does Mary seem much happier when Qwilleran sees her after C. C.'s murder?

3. How does Qwilleran mistake the source of the things Koko brings to him?

4. How does Koko inadvertently solve the mystery?

5. What does Qwilleran learn from reading the manuscript that explains the calls for horse braces?

6. What amusing information does Cluthra provide when Qwilleran goes to visit her?

7. what does Qwilleran eventually learn about how Russell Patch has the money to buy all his expensive equipment?

8. Why does Qwilleran leash Koko and take him of a tour of the Cobb building?

9. Why does Qwilleran finally get around to hanging the Mackintosh coat of arms, and who comes to help him do it?

10. What does Mary find strange about Qwilleran's list of sales and inquiries while he was manning Iris's shop?

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