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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What innuendo does Ivy make about Iris Cobb?
(a) That she may have murdered her first husband.
(b) That she knows who murdered C. C.
(c) That she is a bigamist.
(d) That she is in love with Qwilleran.

2. What was Andy contemplating on selling, according to Mary Duckworth?
(a) The finial he fell on.
(b) His entire shop.
(c) The ladder he supposedly fell off of.
(d) The light fixture destroyed on the night of his death.

3. On his outing with Ben, what important observation does Qwilleran make?
(a) Something behind the curtains.
(b) Something near the exit.
(c) Something in the dust on the floor.
(d) Something in a dressing room.

4. Which character in the novel has "an expensive sound system"?
(a) Ben Nicholas.
(b) Cluthra.
(c) Russell Patch.
(d) Hollis Prantz.

5. In the fight between Qwilleran, what happens to prevent Ben from escaping?
(a) Koko scratches Ben in the eye.
(b) Dennis runs in to help Qwilleran.
(c) Mary shows up with a pistol.
(d) The MacIntosh coat of arms falls and knocks Ben out.

Short Answer Questions

1. What interrupts the meeting?

2. What is Qwilleran thinking about when he goes to bed after leaving the bar?

3. What is Qwilleran first told Russell's roommate does for a living?

4. Who goes with Qwilleran to visit Russell Patch?

5. What interrupts Qwilleran as he first sits down to read the manuscript?

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