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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Qwilleran take on a search of his building?
(a) Yum Yum, the cat.
(b) Koko, the cat.
(c) Scarlett, the parrot.
(d) Bowser, the dog.

2. When Mary visits Qwilleran in his apartment, what does he show her?
(a) The note he found in Ben's apartment.
(b) The hair he found in Ben's apartment.
(c) The photo he found in Ben's apartment.
(d) The feather he found in Ben's apartment.

3. What does Qwilleran notice in the drive of the Ellsworth house?
(a) Overturned trash cans.
(b) Two car shaped patches in the snow.
(c) Footprints of a man and a dog.
(d) Tire tracks of three different vehicles.

4. From where does Qwilleran believe KoKo has been finding things he leaves for Qwilleran?
(a) Under the tub.
(b) In C. C.'s shop.
(c) From out on the roof.
(d) On the stairs.

5. what illegal activity does Qwilleran learn about from the manuscript?
(a) Someone in Junktown is blackmailing C. C.
(b) Someone in Junktown is an undercover FBI agent.
(c) Someone in Junktown is dealing drugs.
(d) Someone in Junktown is selling fake antique clocks.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the cats behave when Qwilleran and Mary almost kiss?

2. What interrupts Qwilleran as he first sits down to read the manuscript?

3. What does Qwilleran learn about the Chandelier in Andy's shop?

4. What do Qwilleran and Mary discover in his apartment?

5. Who visits Qwilleran in his apartment only to be snubbed by Koko?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the significance of the surprise visitor to Iris's shop while Qwilleran is taking his turn managing it?

2. What information does Mrs. McGuffey give Qwilleran that might possibly prove to be a motive for Andy's murder?

3. How does Braun draw out the suspense with Qwilleran's reading of Andy's manuscript?

4. After going to the Garrick Theatre with Ben, what does Qwilleran observe at the bar called The Lion's Tail?

5. Who does Qwilleran suspect the drug dealer to be?

6. What does Qwilleran learn from reading the manuscript that explains the calls for horse braces?

7. what does Qwilleran eventually learn about how Russell Patch has the money to buy all his expensive equipment?

8. Explain who Qwilleran suspects of having gone to the Ellsworth House.

9. Why does Mary seem much happier when Qwilleran sees her after C. C.'s murder?

10. What does Riker tell Qwilleran about his writing when Qwilleran drops in at the Fluxion office?

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