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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What innuendo does Ivy make about Iris Cobb?
(a) That she knows who murdered C. C.
(b) That she may have murdered her first husband.
(c) That she is in love with Qwilleran.
(d) That she is a bigamist.

2. Whose boot sole matches a footprint Qwilleran found in the Elsworth house?
(a) Ben Nicolas.
(b) Russel Patch.
(c) Russel Prantz.
(d) Iris Cobbs.

3. When Mary visits Qwilleran in his apartment, what does he show her?
(a) The photo he found in Ben's apartment.
(b) The hair he found in Ben's apartment.
(c) The note he found in Ben's apartment.
(d) The feather he found in Ben's apartment.

4. On his outing with Ben, what important observation does Qwilleran make?
(a) Something in the dust on the floor.
(b) Something behind the curtains.
(c) Something near the exit.
(d) Something in a dressing room.

5. What does Mary go over while she is visiting Qwilleran?
(a) The scratch he has on his hand.
(b) The events of the past day.
(c) His list of sales and inquiries from Iris's shop.
(d) The titles of books on his bookshelf.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Qwilleran notice in the drive of the Ellsworth house?

2. Who was the only one who had read Andy's novel?

3. From where does Qwilleran believe KoKo has been finding things he leaves for Qwilleran?

4. What information does Qwilleran relay to his editor, Riker?

5. Where was the "hot" manuscript hidden?

Short Essay Questions

1. After going to the Garrick Theatre with Ben, what does Qwilleran observe at the bar called The Lion's Tail?

2. What amusing information does Cluthra provide when Qwilleran goes to visit her?

3. How does Qwilleran mistake the source of the things Koko brings to him?

4. After Mary leaves, what does Qwilleran do to show that he is a genuine cat lover?

5. Why does Qwilleran leash Koko and take him of a tour of the Cobb building?

6. While Iris is away, what does Hollis Prantz come looking for?

7. How does Koko inadvertently solve the mystery?

8. Why does Qwilleran finally get around to hanging the Mackintosh coat of arms, and who comes to help him do it?

9. Who does Qwilleran suspect the drug dealer to be?

10. What does Riker tell Qwilleran about his writing when Qwilleran drops in at the Fluxion office?

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