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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What interests Qwilleran in a writing contest at the Daily Fluxion?
(a) The chance to get a staff job.
(b) A substantial cash prize.
(c) Something to do.
(d) The assigned subject matter.

2. What is Mary's explanation for the call taken by Qwilleran?
(a) That the caller probably thought it was a wrong number.
(b) That bad weather messed up the lines.
(c) That the phone lines in Junktown are bad.
(d) That Qwilleran took too long to get to the phone.

3. What is the customer in Ben's shop looking for?
(a) Horse brasses.
(b) Dog collars.
(c) Fiddle cases.
(d) Fireplace andirons.

4. What does Miss Duckworth agree to give Qwilleran to use in his newspaper article?
(a) An interview.
(b) A list of suspects.
(c) A tour of Junktown.
(d) A photo of Glanz.

5. What indicates that the police think Andy's death was just an accident?
(a) There is no investigation.
(b) They do not put the shop off limits.
(c) They believe Andy was a drug dealer.
(d) They rule out suicide.

6. Why does Mary Duckworth say she is having bad dreams about Andy?
(a) She thinks he is haunting her.
(b) She moved his body before calling the police.
(c) She feels responsible for his death.
(d) She never really liked him.

7. What are two items of furniture moved into Qwilleran's rooms before he moves in?
(a) A bunk bed and a small table.
(b) A sofa and a bookshelf.
(c) A roll-top desk and a pot-bellied stove.
(d) A refrigerator and a microwave.

8. What is the gossip about the finial?
(a) That it came from a haunted house.
(b) That Glanz had been impaled on it.
(c) That it was about to be sold when Glanz died.
(d) Tthat it was the murder weapon.

9. What does Qwilleran feed his Siamese cats he brought from the Press Club?
(a) Boiled beef.
(b) Beef and kidney pie.
(c) Turkey.
(d) Fish and chips.

10. What does Qwilleran discover when he returns to his apartment after dinner?
(a) The cats are missing again.
(b) Ben Nicolas waiting for him.
(c) Evidence that someone was in there.
(d) A note pinned to his door.

11. Who does Qwilleran run into at the grocery store?
(a) Sylvia Katzenhide.
(b) Iris Cobb.
(c) Russell Patch.
(d) Miss Duckworth.

12. What invitation does Qwilleran receive the day after he injured his knee?
(a) Dinner at the Cobbs's residence.
(b) Dinner with Miss Duckworth.
(c) A drive around Junktown with Nicolas.
(d) Lunch at the Three Sisters.

13. Why is the area called Junktown?
(a) Because of the drugs sold there.
(b) Because of the antique and junk shops
(c) Because of the old cars abandoned there.
(d) Because it was once a landfill.

14. When Iris drops in on Qwilleran, what is her appearance/
(a) She is wearing her nightgown and robe.
(b) She is frazzled and wears no makeup.
(c) She is dressed up and has makeup on.
(d) She looks distressed.

15. What does Qwilleran notice about Nicolas's hat?
(a) It is out of character for the flamboyant Nicolas.
(b) It has been out in the rain.
(c) It is brand new.
(d) It now has the feather missing from his own hat.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is scheduled to take place the afternoon Qwilleran arrives in Junktown?

2. How is Russell Patch's story different from Miss Duckworth's?

3. What is the Daily Fluxion?

4. What does Iris bring to Qwilleran in his room?

5. What does everyone notice about C. C. Cobb's personality?

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