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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the Daily Fluxion?
(a) A newspaper.
(b) The changing tides.
(c) An antique magazine.
(d) An eccentric clock.

2. What does Iris suggest some people disliked about Glanz?
(a) His high commitment to professional integrity.
(b) His cheating the clients with fake antiques.
(c) His snobbery and reclusiveness.
(d) His philandering.

3. What happens to the drunk Qwilleran saw when he arrived in Junktown?
(a) He was arrested.
(b) He disappeared.
(c) He was murdered.
(d) He was passed out in the alley.

4. When Qwilleran visits with Iris after he moves in, what does he learn from her about Glanz?
(a) Tthat he was young and attractive.
(b) That he was middle-aged and disagreeable.
(c) That he was an alcoholic.
(d) That he was homely but generous.

5. What is the basis for the argument between C. C. and Iris?
(a) The value of horse braces.
(b) Putting milk in C. C.'s coffee.
(c) Iris's recording of C. C.'s snoring.
(d) Who killed Andy Glanz.

6. What does Qwilleran think about Mary's explanation for the hang up call?
(a) That she is lying.
(b) That she likes a good mystery.
(c) That she has no idea who it was.
(d) That she is afraid.

7. What does Qwilleran learn about Iris Cobb at the auction?
(a) She has an apartment for rent.
(b) She had a crush on Andrew Glanz.
(c) She is bidding for her husband, C. C. Cobb.
(d) She is allergic to cats.

8. What idea does Qwilleran get about a subject for the writing contest?
(a) The drug problem in Junktown.
(b) Christmas in Junktown.
(c) The homeless in Junktown.
(d) Finding junk to sell in Junktown.

9. What is Mary's explanation for the call taken by Qwilleran?
(a) That the phone lines in Junktown are bad.
(b) That bad weather messed up the lines.
(c) That the caller probably thought it was a wrong number.
(d) That Qwilleran took too long to get to the phone.

10. Where is Koko when Qwilleran finds him?
(a) On top of the roof.
(b) Hiding under the pot-bellied stove.
(c) Closed up in the roll-top desk.
(d) At the finial in the antique shop downstairs.

11. Who is the flamboyant next door neighbor in the apartment house?
(a) Russell Patch.
(b) Hollis Prantz.
(c) Sylvia Katzenhide.
(d) Ben Nicholas.

12. How does Iris categorize Miss Duckworth since Glanz's death?
(a) Suspiciously calm.
(b) Agitated and lively.
(c) Moody and withdrawn.
(d) More friendly than usual.

13. On his way home, who does Qwilleran overhear having an argument?
(a) C. C. Cobb and Iris Cobb.
(b) C.C. Cobb and someone who seems to be Russell Patch.
(c) Russell Patch and Sylvia Katzenhide.
(d) Hollis Prantz and Ben Nicholas.

14. Where does Qwilleran learn that Cluthra, Amberina, and Ivrene got their exotic names?
(a) After types of glass.
(b) After unusual flowers.
(c) After Roman goddesses.
(d) After fairytale princesses.

15. What does Qwilleran dream about after his visit with Miss Duckworth?
(a) her standing over Andy's body.
(b) her incredible eyes.
(c) her long, shapely legs.
(d) the Mackintosh Coat of Arms.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Iris bring to Qwilleran in his room?

2. why does Iris wake Qwilleran the morning after their dinner in the Cobbs's apartment?

3. What seems to have killed Andrew Glanz?

4. What was the bad feeling between Andy Glanz and Russell Patch?

5. What is Qwilleran doing when Iris Cobb enters his room?

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