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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Qwilleran notice about Nicolas's hat?
(a) It is out of character for the flamboyant Nicolas.
(b) It is brand new.
(c) It now has the feather missing from his own hat.
(d) It has been out in the rain.

2. What does Qwilleran learn from overhearing customers in the Blue Dragon?
(a) That Glanz was two-timing several women.
(b) That Miss Duckworth has a criminal record.
(c) That Miss Duckworth was Glanz's girlfriend.
(d) That Glanz was a drug dealer.

3. Who deos Qwilleran find at the house on the end of the street?
(a) Russell Patch.
(b) Sylvia Katzenhide.
(c) C. C. Cobb.
(d) Mary Duckworth.

4. What is Qwilleran doing when Iris Cobb enters his room?
(a) Working on his Junktown story.
(b) Just getting out of the shower.
(c) Looking for the cats.
(d) Making a list of everyone he's talked to.

5. When Qwilleran meets Miss Duckworth again, what does she regret?
(a) Being so honest and open at their last meeting.
(b) Refusing to talk to the police.
(c) Not selling him the coat of arms.
(d) Not having meet Qwilleran before.

6. What interests Qwilleran in a writing contest at the Daily Fluxion?
(a) A substantial cash prize.
(b) Something to do.
(c) The assigned subject matter.
(d) The chance to get a staff job.

7. What accident does Qwilleran have as he leaves Ben Nicolas's shop?
(a) He slips on the icy sidewalk.
(b) He bumps into a lamp post.
(c) He is hit by snow falling from the roof.
(d) He trips on a loose board.

8. What does Iris tell Qwilleran about the ghost, Mathilda?
(a) She keeps hiding her glasses.
(b) She turns the pages of books.
(c) She only appears during a full moon.
(d) She moans a lot at night.

9. What is one supernatural theory about Glanz death?
(a) It was the work of ghosts.
(b) It was a witch's spell
(c) It was a family curse.
(d) It was the result of the evil eye.

10. What does Miss Duckworth talk Qwilleran into buying?
(a) The Mackintosh Coat of Arms.
(b) A roll-top desk.
(c) The finial that Glanz fell on.
(d) An art deco lamp.

11. Returning from the Press Club, what odd thing does Qwilleran notice?
(a) Only Ben's roof has lost its snow.
(b) The Cobbs are not in their shop.
(c) The street lamps have not come on.
(d) Miss Duckworth's shop door is wide open.

12. How does Miss Duckworth make a melodramatic appearance in the novel?
(a) Gliding down a circular staircase.
(b) Through a beaded curtain.
(c) Sitting like a statue on a lounge.
(d) In a swirl of green smoke.

13. What does Qwilleran feed his Siamese cats he brought from the Press Club?
(a) Fish and chips.
(b) Boiled beef.
(c) Turkey.
(d) Beef and kidney pie.

14. What is the customer like who enters Ben's shop while Qwilleran is there?
(a) Jolly and joking.
(b) Angry and loud.
(c) Rude and brash.
(d) Timid and afraid.

15. Why is Qwilleran disappointed before dinner after returning from Nicolas's shop?
(a) There is nothing to eat in his flat.
(b) He cannot find Koko and Yum Yum.
(c) He has received no mail.
(d) He cannot find anyone to go with him to the Press Club.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is strange about the phone call to Miss Duckworth's shop when Qwilleran answers the phone?

2. Why does Qwilleran get out Webster's dictionary?

3. What does Miss Duckworth agree to give Qwilleran to use in his newspaper article?

4. What is the surprising purchase made by C. C. Cobb at the auction?

5. What idea does Qwilleran get about a subject for the writing contest?

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