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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who the Mathilda that Iris tells Qwilleran about?
(a) Another of the junk dealers.
(b) A vagabond woman in the neighborhood.
(c) A woman involved in witchcraft.
(d) The ghost in her house.

2. Who deos Qwilleran find at the house on the end of the street?
(a) Russell Patch.
(b) Sylvia Katzenhide.
(c) C. C. Cobb.
(d) Mary Duckworth.

3. What are two items of furniture moved into Qwilleran's rooms before he moves in?
(a) A bunk bed and a small table.
(b) A sofa and a bookshelf.
(c) A refrigerator and a microwave.
(d) A roll-top desk and a pot-bellied stove.

4. What does everyone notice about C. C. Cobb's personality?
(a) He is abrasive.
(b) He is reclusive.
(c) He is conciliatory.
(d) He is jolly.

5. What does Qwilleran feed his Siamese cats he brought from the Press Club?
(a) Turkey.
(b) Boiled beef.
(c) Beef and kidney pie.
(d) Fish and chips.

6. What idea does Qwilleran get about a subject for the writing contest?
(a) The homeless in Junktown.
(b) Finding junk to sell in Junktown.
(c) Christmas in Junktown.
(d) The drug problem in Junktown.

7. Who does Russell say informed on C. C. Cobb?
(a) Sylvia Katzenhide.
(b) Iris Cobb.
(c) Mary Duckworth.
(d) Andy Glanz.

8. Besides Miss Duckworth, what hint does Sylvia drop about Andy Glanz?
(a) He was married.
(b) He was also involved with someone else.
(c) He was a serial womanizer.
(d) He was actually gay.

9. Why is the area called Junktown?
(a) Because of the antique and junk shops
(b) Because of the old cars abandoned there.
(c) Because it was once a landfill.
(d) Because of the drugs sold there.

10. After dropping off the heavy coat of arms, who is the next antique dealer Qwilleran goes to interview?
(a) Ben Nicholas.
(b) Arch Riker.
(c) Sylvia Katzenhide.
(d) Hollis Prantz.

11. What happens to the drunk Qwilleran saw when he arrived in Junktown?
(a) He disappeared.
(b) He was arrested.
(c) He was murdered.
(d) He was passed out in the alley.

12. What seems to have killed Andrew Glanz?
(a) Falling onto a fireplace.
(b) Falling onto a spear.
(c) Falling onto a sarcophagus.
(d) Falling onto a finial.

13. What is Qwilleran doing when Iris Cobb enters his room?
(a) Working on his Junktown story.
(b) Just getting out of the shower.
(c) Making a list of everyone he's talked to.
(d) Looking for the cats.

14. What odd thing occurs with Koko back in the new apartment?
(a) He disappears.
(b) He knocks over a lamp.
(c) He climbs the bookshelves.
(d) He fights with Yum Yum.

15. How does Miss Duckworth make a melodramatic appearance in the novel?
(a) Through a beaded curtain.
(b) In a swirl of green smoke.
(c) Sitting like a statue on a lounge.
(d) Gliding down a circular staircase.

Short Answer Questions

1. Returning from the Press Club, what odd thing does Qwilleran notice?

2. Who does Qwilleran tell about the mystery surrounding Glanz' death?

3. How does locating Koko give Qwilleran pause to reflect on the death of Glanz?

4. What kind of car does Russell Patch drive?

5. What amazes Qwilleran about the Mackintosh Coat of Arms?

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