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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What seems to have killed Andrew Glanz?
(a) Falling onto a spear.
(b) Falling onto a fireplace.
(c) Falling onto a sarcophagus.
(d) Falling onto a finial.

2. What does Qwilleran question Miss Duckworth about when she found the body of Glanz?
(a) How long she waited before calling the police.
(b) The arrangement of ladder and furniture.
(c) The time of night when she went to his shop.
(d) Whether the back door was locked.

3. How does Miss Duckworth make a melodramatic appearance in the novel?
(a) In a swirl of green smoke.
(b) Gliding down a circular staircase.
(c) Through a beaded curtain.
(d) Sitting like a statue on a lounge.

4. What is odd about the wall in the apartment Iris shows Qwilleran?
(a) It is unfinished wood.
(b) It is papered with pages from old books.
(c) It is painted a garish green.
(d) It is covered with tar paper.

5. After dropping off the heavy coat of arms, who is the next antique dealer Qwilleran goes to interview?
(a) Sylvia Katzenhide.
(b) Ben Nicholas.
(c) Hollis Prantz.
(d) Arch Riker.

6. Besides Miss Duckworth, what hint does Sylvia drop about Andy Glanz?
(a) He was actually gay.
(b) He was a serial womanizer.
(c) He was married.
(d) He was also involved with someone else.

7. What does Qwilleran feed his Siamese cats he brought from the Press Club?
(a) Fish and chips.
(b) Turkey.
(c) Beef and kidney pie.
(d) Boiled beef.

8. What interests Qwilleran in a writing contest at the Daily Fluxion?
(a) The chance to get a staff job.
(b) Something to do.
(c) A substantial cash prize.
(d) The assigned subject matter.

9. What is the Daily Fluxion?
(a) An eccentric clock.
(b) The changing tides.
(c) An antique magazine.
(d) A newspaper.

10. Who had formerly lived in the apartment?
(a) Hollis Prantz.
(b) Sylvia Katzenhide.
(c) Ben Nicholas.
(d) Andrew Glanz.

11. What is Jim Qwilleran's occupation?
(a) Newspaper reporter.
(b) Private detective.
(c) Antique dealer.
(d) Policeman.

12. Who are Koko and Yum Yum?
(a) Two street urchins.
(b) Intuitive and troublemaking cats.
(c) Two spinster owners of a juck shop.
(d) Two poodles owned by Miss Duckworth.

13. What is strange about the phone call to Miss Duckworth's shop when Qwilleran answers the phone?
(a) Mary refuses to answer it.
(b) There is heavy breathing on the line.
(c) The caller hangs up.
(d) Mary takes the call upstairs.

14. How does Iris categorize Miss Duckworth since Glanz's death?
(a) Agitated and lively.
(b) Moody and withdrawn.
(c) More friendly than usual.
(d) Suspiciously calm.

15. Who is the flamboyant next door neighbor in the apartment house?
(a) Ben Nicholas.
(b) Hollis Prantz.
(c) Sylvia Katzenhide.
(d) Russell Patch.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Qwilleran notice about Nicolas's hat?

2. What crime does Qwilleran try to solve?

3. What is the customer like who enters Ben's shop while Qwilleran is there?

4. Why is the area called Junktown?

5. Where is Koko when Qwilleran finds him?

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