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Short Answer Questions

1. What cake wins in the teenage class?

2. What does Robert Maus find to be chaotic?

3. What is the main thing into which William is looking?

4. What is in Rosemary's cold soup?

5. Who volunteers to go with Qwill?

Short Essay Questions

1. What function does lead serve in regards to pottery?

2. What reaction from Koko confirms the way Qwill had been feeling in regards to Dan?

3. To what kinds of things does Charlotte Roop object in regards to Qwill's behavior?

4. What does Mrs. Marron hear on Saturday night? Why is she awake to hear it?

5. Why do the three men who own the Heavenly Hash Houses attempt to ruin Max Sorrel?

6. Why does the idea of the Living Glaze being Joy's creation make sense?

7. Qwill is used to what?

8. What mistake does Qwill make in reference to potting, and what does that kind of potter do?

9. What does Qwill become determined to do and why?

10. What does Qwill mean when he says had been "seeing ghosts?"

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Qwilleran's choice of profession. Do you think he would make a better detective or a writer? Which is closer to an art form and what leads you to this conclusion?

Essay Topic 2

Define "high art." What is the difference between high and low art? Is there a different level of respect for high artists than low artists? Suggest reasons for this.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss painting as an art form. How has it changed? What main eras of painting are most commonly recognized by the layperson? Explain your findings.

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