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Koko - One of two cats belonging to Qwill, this one knows how to type.

Living Glaze - This is an invention of the late Mrs. Graham.

Maus Haus - The primary setting of the novel is this place.

Daily Fluxion - This publishes articles every five years about the murder/suicides at the Penniman estate.

The Golden Lamb Chop - This is a restaurant owned by Max Sorrel.

Hash House - A chain of greasy spoon restaurants, they are attempting to ruin the Golden Lamb Chop.

Miami, Florida - This is where Joy supposedly goes to escape her husband.

Peep Hole - Through this, Qwill watches Dan burn Joy's clothes.

Typewriter - On this, Koko sends 'messages' to Qwill.

Slip Tank - This is where clay ages and gains elasticity.

Mustache - This twitches to alert Qwill to a crime.

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