The Cat Who Saw Red Fun Activities

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Kitty Collage

Create a collage of cats that you imagine Koko would look like.

A Cat Who Solved Crime

Imagine what you would do with a cat that helped you solve crime. Which crime would you solve first and why? How would the cat help you to do so?

A Culinary Masterpiece

Research a recipe utilizing 30 ingredients and commit it to memory.

A Culinary Critic

Visit a restaurant and write a review of your experience. Post it to a culinary site that allows you to post your reviews about the dinner. Research your terminology before you set out!

Mustache Collage

Create a collage of mustaches that you find appealing or amusing. Rename them all to suit your own sense of humor.

Scaring Up a Gift for the Host

Create a unique gift idea to idolize something good for your host or hostess as though you were attending either...

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