The Cat Who Saw Red Character Descriptions

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Jim Qwilleran

This character is a writer for the Daily Fluxion, and is currently reviewing cuisine from gourmet diners.

Dan Graham

This character wants the fame and glory that his wife is due to attain without him, so he kills her.

Robert Maus

This character is a lawyer with a true passion for cooking.

Hixie Rice

This character has an obsession with getting married, but cannot seem to find a boyfriend.

William Vitello

This character fancies himself to be a spy of sorts and finds incriminating evidence about the murderer which eventually leads to his death.

Joy Graham

This character is an ex-girlfriend of the main character.

Max Sorrel

This character is the owner of the Golden Lamb Chop.

Rosemary Whitting

This character, although older, doesn't look her age at all, supposedly due to a diet of very healthy food.

Charlotte Roop

This character is the only one...

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