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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter XVII: Amalia's Secret and Chapter XVIII: Amalia's Punishment.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the chairman offer to contact the Castle for?
(a) Reimbursement for K.
(b) A promotion for K.
(c) Permission for K. to marry.
(d) Residential papers for K.

2. How does the landlord say that the landlady has been feeling?
(a) Sad that she's hurt her daughter.
(b) Sick and upset because of K.
(c) Worried that she has hurt K.
(d) Nervous that K. will make trouble for her.

3. How likely does Frieda's mother say it is for K. to see Klamm?
(a) Certain.
(b) Somewhat unlikely.
(c) Impossible.
(d) Very likely.

4. What answer do K.'s assistants get when they call the Castle for permission to visit?
(a) They are told they can come at once.
(b) They are told they must fill out the right forms.
(c) They are told they must wait three days.
(d) They are told no.

5. What does K. learn about Klamm's whereabouts?
(a) Klamm is back at the Castle already.
(b) Klamm's room is empty, and he is getting ready to leave.
(c) Klamm has moved to another room, as he does each night.
(d) Klamm is away in the country for two or three days.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frieda want K. to do about the job offer?

2. What was the family forced to do?

3. What is the attitude of the people in the house toward K.?

4. How does the teacher characterize the chairman in the conversation?

5. How many siblings does Barnabas have?

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