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Chapter I: Arrival and Chapter II: Barnabas

• K. arrives in the village, summoned by the Castle to be a land surveyor, which the Castle first denies then admits.
• On the road while exploring the Castle, K. first meets a teacher, and later meets the strange-looking family of the master tanner.
• K. meets his two assistants, twins, who tell him he cannot get permission to go to the Castle, and a messenger, Barnabas, gives K. a letter that says Barnabas will deliver all communication between K. and his superior, Klamm.

Chapter III: Frieda and Chapter IV: First Conversation with the Landlady

• K. goes with Barnabas' sister, Olga, to the Gentlemen's Inn's taproom and meets Frieda, Klamm's mistress, whom K. immediately sleeps with and takes for his own.
• The next morning Frieda's mother, the Bridge Inn's landlady, talks to K. about his intentions to Frieda, whom he plans to marry...

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