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Lee Strobel
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Carson, for whom is Hell reserved?
(a) People who don't go to church.
(b) Murderers and convicts.
(c) Self-centered nonrepenters.
(d) People who don't believe in God.

2. Witness William Craig's specialty is writing about the intersection of what three aspects of life?
(a) Sun, rain, and air.
(b) LIfe, death, and the swoon.
(c) Science, philosophy, and theology.
(d) Jesus, redemption, and the Messiah.

3. What kind of evidence determines whether a victim died of natural causes?
(a) Circumstantial.
(b) Psychological.
(c) Fingerprints.
(d) Medical.

4. What is the topic of witness Donald Carson's books?
(a) The Old Testament.
(b) The New Testament.
(c) Jewish tradition.
(d) The Hebrew language.

5. What does the author's witness with a Jewish background turn to when he rebels against his family's Jewish background?
(a) Manson and Moonies.
(b) The military.
(c) The work of Kerouac and Leary.
(d) College friends and their families.

Short Answer Questions

1. Other than communion, what ritual celebrates Jesus' death?

2. What made the author's witness with a Jewish background question his family's religion?

3. What was the subject of Gary Habermas' doctorate dissertation?

4. What kind of shock did the severe beating Jesus received before his execution create?

5. What does the author think about the case for Christ as he begins his book project?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the author believe that Jesus is not omnipresent and omniscient?

2. How does writing the book affect the author?

3. When Lapides rebels against his family's religion, what does he turn to?

4. Why did the people of his era not think Jesus was a madman?

5. After researching the medical evidence surrounding the death of Christ, what reason does the author determine was the reason that Jesus died?

6. What is one way that the resurrection of Jesus changed the lives of Jewish believers?

7. According to the author's witness of psychological evidence, did Jesus suffer from mental illness? How does the witness arrive at this conclusion?

8. Name two physical situations that Metherell says Jesus suffered while on the cross.

9. Why does the author believe the sightings of Jesus after his resurrection were not hallucinations?

10. What is the importance of the willingness of the disciples to die for their beliefs?

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