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Lee Strobel
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Psychological Evidence.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the Q source?
(a) Reference to Q. Papias, historian.
(b) A proposed formula for logic.
(c) A hypothetical collection of Jesus' sayings and teachings.
(d) A formula for logic.

2. What do the clues left at a crime scene help investigators determine?
(a) The criminal's psychological makeup.
(b) The reason for the crime.
(c) Where the next crime will occur.
(d) Why the crime occured.

3. Why was Jeffry McDonald certain a jury would not convict him?
(a) He had an alibi.
(b) He paid them bribes.
(c) Most of them had been his patients.
(d) He had a trial before a judge, not a jury.

4. Who is the author's key witness for the psychological evidence?
(a) Josephus.
(b) Strobel.
(c) Collins.
(d) McDonald.

5. Which historian claims that Matthew and Peter are the authors of the gospels?
(a) Plato.
(b) Papias.
(c) Aurelius.
(d) Irenaeus.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who first recorded that Peter's firsthand accounts were accurate?

2. Jesus is known as Son of God and Son of what?

3. Which science does not dispute the gospels but instead confirms their reliability?

4. How many signs of mental illness does the Bible's account of Jesus show?

5. What crime was Jeffry McDonald accused of committing?

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