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Lee Strobel
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Psychological Evidence.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jesus is known as Son of God and Son of what?
(a) Joseph.
(b) The Jews.
(c) Man.
(d) Herod.

2. At which point does Jesus confirm his identity?
(a) When he tells Paul the commandments.
(b) At age 12.
(c) At his baptism.
(d) When he preaches from a mountaintop in Cairo.

3. The author travels to Ohio in search of corroborating evidence for which aspect of Jesus' life?
(a) His birth.
(b) His miracle working.
(c) His death.
(d) His immaculate conception.

4. Which of the author's interviewees has experience as an archeological expert in the Middle East?
(a) McDonald.
(b) Boyd.
(c) Strobel.
(d) McRay.

5. Who is the author's key witness for the psychological evidence?
(a) McDonald.
(b) Josephus.
(c) Strobel.
(d) Collins.

Short Answer Questions

1. What supported Jesus' claims that he was the Good Shepherd?

2. What advantage does Metzger cite for the New Testament?

3. What can archeology prove in relation to the Bible?

4. What psychological disorder do some people suffer from that makes them claim to make grandiose statements about who they are?

5. How far back do some manuscript fragments date the book of John?

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