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Short Answer Questions

1. In Milosz's experience, how does a man change under communist rule?

2. How do the Multi-Bing pills change a man?

3. During World War II, how did the nearness of death affect the Poles' lives?

4. Cosmopolitanism, as defined by communism, is what thought?

5. Alpha's response to the Nazis' violent anti-Semitism was what emotion?

Short Essay Questions

1. "If something exists in one place, it will exist everywhere" (pg. 29). Why does the man in destroyed Warsaw believe this, and how does it affect his spirit?

2. What advantages does the Center gain with the idea of "cosmopolitanism"?

3. What is historic fatalism and how does it affect even a man's most personal interactions?

4. If an artist disagrees with the dialectical method, he debates the question with a panel of Party authorities and always, undoubtedly loses. Why is this so?

5. .How did Alpha become a more religious writer when he turned away from Christianity?

6. What is the difference between Eastern and Western Communists?

7. Why is cosmopolitanism linked to nationalist concerns? What does the center gain by connecting these?

8. As the new way comes into power, it cannot eradicate the old way all at once. Why not?

9. Is Ketman necessary to the citizen of the New Faith? Why?

10. Although only a couple presses were kept intact, in order to print Nazi propaganda, the underground writing flourished. Why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why is art outside the public mind important? Milosz says that when man thinks only in the collective body, he can no longer think other than what is necessary. In other words, personal observations and thoughts are cut off. Why, then, does he place such importance on creating art other than what is strictly necessary?

Essay Topic 2

Beta's stories portray man as an animal, barely held in check by the restraints of civilization. How is this demonstrated in Poland during World War II? Given the progression of Poland through capitalism, Nazism, and communism, was man's good or animal side stronger? Which one triumphed? Also, use examples from the book of people acting out of goodness.

Essay Topic 3

The reader sees, through many examples, that communism seeks to further its rule at all cost, even if that cost be millions of lives. Is this necessary for the continuance of communism, or is there another way? To what extent should a government assert itself on the lives of its citizens in order to survive?

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