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Short Answer Questions

1. When Alpha and Milosz stumbled on a board with the painted words "Lieutenant Zbyszek's road of suffering," what did they meditate on?

2. In a communist country, what is perhaps the best way to ensure one's safety?

3. The Multi-Bing pills are most tempting to what type of person?

4. What do the Party dialecticians assert about art?

5. How does the Eastern communist regard everything from the West?

Short Essay Questions

1. The pill takes away man's metaphysical concerns--why is this significant?

2. Several times, Milosz describes bombed Warsaw as the cratered moon. How is this significant?

3. Why does the man entering the gate of communism feel that he is doing something wrong?

4. What is communism's goal for the relationship between the present and the past?

5. How does national Ketman satisfy, as much as possible, the nationalist leanings in a man? Why is this an important Ketman?

6. The East uses talented artists to their full ability, yet sometimes with mediocre results. Why does this happen?

7. "If something exists in one place, it will exist everywhere" (pg. 29). Why does the man in destroyed Warsaw believe this, and how does it affect his spirit?

8. Why is the Ketman of revolutionary purity the most rare form of Ketman?

9. Why is cosmopolitanism linked to nationalist concerns? What does the center gain by connecting these?

10. What is historic fatalism and how does it affect even a man's most personal interactions?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Milosz begins Chapter 4 by saying that the ethical and moral considerations that helped man make decisions in the past have become merely theoretical, inconsequential in the face of changes. What does this say about the changes brought on Eastern Europe from the mid-1930s onward? Given what you know of European history, how were these changes radically different from anything that had come before?

Essay Topic 2

Through Party propaganda and education, communism suppresses man's ability to think for himself. How do the people presented in The Captive Mind either fight or accept this suppression? Consider only the main subjects of the book, including their writing for the underground or for the party.

Essay Topic 3

"The moment when bullets pierce the flesh is a moment of amazement for the body. Life and death mingle for a second..." (pg. 184). How accurate is this statement (written and read by people who have never experienced death)? How does this add to the reader's horror of these deaths?

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