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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How were Gamma's interactions with people characterized?
(a) With complete honesty.
(b) With deceit and artifice.
(c) By his drive for power.
(d) By his loyalty to the party.

2. What was the result of this group created by Gamma and his friends?
(a) Disbanded after two years because it lost popularity.
(b) Exiled for trying to usurp power from the center in Moscow.
(c) Publicly praised for its faithfulness to communist ideals.
(d) The beginning of the communist government in Warsaw.

3. What was the title of Beta's first book?
(a) The Shining Sun.
(b) The Stone and Sky.
(c) The Stony World.
(d) The Stony Ground.

4. Beta remained bitter because he was unable to see what?
(a) Society's reasons for action.
(b) Man in relation to his fellow man.
(c) The purpose of action within a community.
(d) Individual man apart from society.

5. In the concentration camp, what is Beta's job?
(a) Removing bodies from the gas chambers.
(b) Rationing food to the prisoners.
(c) Unloading Jews from the box-cars.
(d) Directing Jews to the gas chambers or work.

Short Answer Questions

1. During Gamma's youth, Poland gradually separated along what lines?

2. After being captured as a Polish soldier, what happened to Delta?

3. As Beta relates, when Greek prisoners cannot march because they are too weak, how are they first punished?

4. In light of Beta's poetry, how does Milosz treat the modern artist's potential?

5. As the Polish fought the Germans for control of Warsaw near the end of the war, how did a few people manage to survive?

Short Essay Questions

1. How were Beta and the people of his generation fallen into dark hopelessness?

2. How could Delta, who was not racist, write such violently anti-Semitic material?

3. Nearly six years of Nazi rule had radically changed people's ideas of private property. Did this help or harm the communist idea of common property?

4. Milosz opens Chapter VI with a description of Vilna as it existed during his childhood. Is this simply to introduce Gamma or is there another reason?

5. How are the peasants, in several ways, the most helpless class of people?

6. Why is Gamma called "the slave of history"? Whose interests does he serve?

7. Beta saw life only in terms of society rather than in terms of individual man. How was this his downfall?

8. How was Delta able to play the game that the center demanded of him--and be better at it?

9. In Chapter VIII, Milosz takes on the tone of a communist to describe the evils of the various classes. How is this more powerful than a mere description?

10. Rather than blaming these four men for the choices they made, Milosz says they were slaves to history. How is this true?

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