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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After two years, Delta returned again to favor, and how did his future look?
(a) He was returned only for the translation of a Shakespeare poem.
(b) He could not be assured that it will last.
(c) He could be assured that it will last.
(d) He was given a ten-year contract.

2. Why do Party dialecticians change the Method when necessary?
(a) Reality proves the Method to be unworkable.
(b) They want to stay one step ahead of the reactionaries.
(c) They are forced to modernize.
(d) History has destroyed all other formulae which claim to be unerring.

3. Why was Gamma's writing weak?
(a) Human emotion.
(b) Previous success.
(c) Proper doctrine.
(d) Empathy.

4. Why are workers told that it is a crime to strike?
(a) They are working for the state, which is to say for themselves.
(b) It has drastic negative effects on the entire nation.
(c) The highest goal of state factories is efficiency.
(d) It is not in the best interests of the state.

5. What was the result of this group created by Gamma and his friends?
(a) Disbanded after two years because it lost popularity.
(b) The beginning of the communist government in Warsaw.
(c) Exiled for trying to usurp power from the center in Moscow.
(d) Publicly praised for its faithfulness to communist ideals.

Short Answer Questions

1. Because he believed in earthly salvation, what did Beta argue?

2. Why did Beta's writing assert that communism was salvation?

3. After being captured as a Polish soldier, what happened to Delta?

4. What was the title of Delta's most unusual poem, which spoke in terms best understood in a dream?

5. After coming to power, in 1945, the Party recognized that the best way to control a nation is through what force?

Short Essay Questions

1. Milosz writes that Delta could not (or would not) distinguish between truth and fable, even in his personal life. Is this the kind of mind the Party would have wanted?

2. Beta's anger toward mankind became directed toward a fear of self-deception. How did this happen?

3. Why does Milosz go to such pains to describe Gamma, when the other writers found in his book are given only a few sentences of description?

4. Milosz states that the goals of the workers are far different from those of the state. How is this so?

5. How did Beta's circumstances lead him to a poetry that constantly moved? Why was it restless?

6. Why is Gamma called "the slave of history"? Whose interests does he serve?

7. Eventually Delta's poems became something of a dream, unreal. How was this inevitable?

8. Beta saw life only in terms of society rather than in terms of individual man. How was this his downfall?

9. In Chapter VIII, Milosz takes on the tone of a communist to describe the evils of the various classes. How is this more powerful than a mere description?

10. How were Beta's stories a fitting insight into his nihilist worldview?

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