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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Delta return to his wife in Poland?
(a) With a girlfriend he'd brought from Brussels.
(b) With a girl he'd picked up at the Polish border.
(c) Completely sober.
(d) Without a single penny.

2. In Chapter 5, how is Beta characterized?
(a) Outspoken and arrogant.
(b) Impossible to understand.
(c) Shy and arrogant.
(d) Shy and aloof.

3. When Delta's writing no longer pleased the party, what happened?
(a) Publishers were instructed to print only the work that showed he had reformed.
(b) Publishers were instructed not to print his work.
(c) He was exiled to Siberia for three years in a labor camp.
(d) He was forced to print only in underground papers.

4. As the NKVD began mass deportation, how did Gamma write communist propaganda?
(a) To keep from being deported himself.
(b) Because, by doing it he could save his family.
(c) Even as his family was deported to Siberia.
(d) In support of the deportations.

5. When man is faced with constant death and when life seems meaningless, how does dialectical materialism seem?
(a) Like a refuge.
(b) Useless and outmoded.
(c) Mathematical and calculating.
(d) Mysterious and full of meaning.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Beta scornfully realized, how could someone have power in Poland?

2. What did Gamma's second wife wear?

3. Beta described the concentration camp as he saw it; how should he have described it?

4. While living in exile, how did Delta feel?

5. How can the relationship between Gamma and the author be described?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Milosz go to such pains to describe Gamma, when the other writers found in his book are given only a few sentences of description?

2. Beta's anger toward mankind became directed toward a fear of self-deception. How did this happen?

3. How did Beta's circumstances lead him to a poetry that constantly moved? Why was it restless?

4. In Chapter VIII, Milosz takes on the tone of a communist to describe the evils of the various classes. How is this more powerful than a mere description?

5. Under communist rule, education is from a strictly materialistic view. Why is this necessary to maintain proper thought among the citizens?

6. Delta, in wandering the roads in France, met people from many different nations. How did this universal migration prepare the way even more for communist rule?

7. Nearly six years of Nazi rule had radically changed people's ideas of private property. Did this help or harm the communist idea of common property?

8. How were Beta and the people of his generation fallen into dark hopelessness?

9. Eventually Delta's poems became something of a dream, unreal. How was this inevitable?

10. How were Beta's stories a fitting insight into his nihilist worldview?

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