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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The "accidental unmaskings of Ketman," Chapter 3, are called _________ .
(a) Derivations.
(b) Hallucinations.
(c) Deviations.
(d) Perpetuations.

2. During World War II, how did the nearness of death affect the Poles' lives?
(a) It created a daily thankfulness for life.
(b) It instilled terror.
(c) It destroyed all sense of shame.
(d) It made them ambivalent to the future.

3. Milosz asserts that the man of the New Faith has the greatest fear of what action?
(a) Losing the capability to reason.
(b) Acting based on others' decisions.
(c) Thinking for himself.
(d) Thinking for others.

4. After the war, how was Alpha was received by Polish communists?
(a) With hostility.
(b) Skeptically.
(c) With open arms.
(d) On the condition he write what they wanted.

5. In Milosz's experience, how does a man change under communist rule?
(a) He sees the new rule as unnatural.
(b) He gains new habits slowly and painfully.
(c) He asks questions so he can understand the new government.
(d) He gains new habits quickly and asks no questions.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Alpha eventually become a communist?

2. Within communist countries, it is not important what a man says but:

3. When Alpha and Milosz stumbled on a board with the painted words "Lieutenant Zbyszek's road of suffering," what did they meditate on?

4. In order to kept his apartment and good political standing, the man practicing aesthetic Ketman is willing to do what?

5. Milosz explains that people who enter into the state feel what emotion?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the man entering the gate of communism feel that he is doing something wrong?

2. What advantages does the Center gain with the idea of "cosmopolitanism"?

3. When the Nazis invaded Warsaw, every man quickly changed his view of the world. Rather than reporting a corpse lying in the gutter, he passes quietly on. What does this say about man's state of mind then?

4. Is Ketman necessary to the citizen of the New Faith? Why?

5. "If something exists in one place, it will exist everywhere" (pg. 29). Why does the man in destroyed Warsaw believe this, and how does it affect his spirit?

6. .How did Alpha become a more religious writer when he turned away from Christianity?

7. As the new way comes into power, it cannot eradicate the old way all at once. Why not?

8. Why does the Eastern communist often call the West stupid?

9. The Red Army had no reason to help Warsaw in its battle against the Nazis. Why was this true, and how did it set the stage for the new communist government?

10. What is communism's goal for the relationship between the present and the past?

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