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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The atmosphere in a collective society is one of what?
(a) Usefulness and action.
(b) Harmony and action.
(c) Strength and unhappiness.
(d) Solidarity and happiness.

2. The purpose of Chapter 2 is to compare and contrast what two groups?
(a) Communists and capitalists.
(b) Eastern Europe with Eastern Asia.
(c) Eastern and Western communists.
(d) Communists and fascists.

3. How do the Multi-Bing pills change a man?
(a) They make him more productive in society.
(b) They erase vestiges of harmful personality.
(c) They create nervousness and tension.
(d) They erase all metaphysical concerns.

4. Milosz compares the American law system to what image?
(a) People in a raft paddling different directions.
(b) A man alone on a log raft.
(c) A man drowning at sea.
(d) A powerful ship.

5. Multi-Bing pills establish ________ foundations rather than _________ .
(a) Scientific, religious.
(b) Materialistic, aesthetic.
(c) Philosophical, scientific.
(d) Aesthetic, religious.

Short Answer Questions

1. In seeking a strong heroic element, what character/s did Alpha's second novel choose?

2. Walking in the ruined city in 1945, what emotion did Alpha feel primarily?

3. By standards of the East, as compared to the West, how is anyone with talent treated?

4. Milosz explains that people who enter into the state feel what emotion?

5. According to several examples from Eastern history, how is Ketman a way of living?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the man entering the gate of communism feel that he is doing something wrong?

2. As the new way comes into power, it cannot eradicate the old way all at once. Why not?

3. What is historic fatalism and how does it affect even a man's most personal interactions?

4. Although human interaction is often characterized by some degree of acting, how do Eastern communists take this to an extreme? How does this affect them?

5. What advantages does the Center gain with the idea of "cosmopolitanism"?

6. How does Alpha's hunger for purity and strong heroic characters prepare the way for the New Faith? Could he have gone any other way?

7. Several times, Milosz describes bombed Warsaw as the cratered moon. How is this significant?

8. Why, according to party policy, can there be no contradictions in the minds of Soviet citizens?

9. Why does man find such joy in the "collective warmth" of which Milosz speaks?

10. If an artist disagrees with the dialectical method, he debates the question with a panel of Party authorities and always, undoubtedly loses. Why is this so?

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