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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Chapter 8, how does communism define the reactionary?
(a) Is incapable of seeing how everything is interdependent.
(b) Acts contrary to party principles.
(c) Refuses to agree wholeheartedly with the party.
(d) Reverts to the traditional way of thinking.

2. Why was Gamma's writing weak?
(a) Proper doctrine.
(b) Empathy.
(c) Previous success.
(d) Human emotion.

3. What was the title of Beta's first book?
(a) The Shining Sun.
(b) The Stone and Sky.
(c) The Stony World.
(d) The Stony Ground.

4. In the people's democracies, according the Chapter 8, what does the most serious battle concern?
(a) Control of man's spirit.
(b) The balance of power.
(c) Control of man's mind.
(d) Manipulation of historical context.

5. In a weekly magazine, Delta published short theater scenes under what title?
(a) Solomon's Ball.
(b) Gray Goose.
(c) Green Goose.
(d) Falangist.

6. The last time Milosz saw Beta, how did the unassuming poet look?
(a) He had become self-assured and thoroughly political.
(b) He had become an outspoken adversary of communism.
(c) He had become even more afraid, following his time in the concentration camp.
(d) He hadn't changed.

7. Where did the man Gamma grow up?
(a) A party member's home.
(b) The city.
(c) An eighteenth-century palace.
(d) The country.

8. When a man refuses to become a shock-worker in a factory, what does he soon find?
(a) He is demoted until he can learn respect.
(b) He is fired, and cannot provide for his family.
(c) He is denied the privileges of better work or vacation.
(d) He is imprisoned until his views change.

9. Why do Party dialecticians change the Method when necessary?
(a) They are forced to modernize.
(b) Reality proves the Method to be unworkable.
(c) They want to stay one step ahead of the reactionaries.
(d) History has destroyed all other formulae which claim to be unerring.

10. Delta would have fit well into what time period?
(a) Medieval monks.
(b) Egyptian kings.
(c) Wandering jesters.
(d) Roman gladiators.

11. When Delta's writing no longer pleased the party, what happened?
(a) He was forced to print only in underground papers.
(b) Publishers were instructed to print only the work that showed he had reformed.
(c) Publishers were instructed not to print his work.
(d) He was exiled to Siberia for three years in a labor camp.

12. What was the title of Delta's most unusual poem, which spoke in terms best understood in a dream?
(a) Solomon's Ball.
(b) Folk Fair.
(c) Folk Songs.
(d) The Persian King.

13. What was the end result of Gamma's poetry?
(a) Moving and deeply felt.
(b) Poorly written, but heart-felt.
(c) Well-written.
(d) Careful word arrangements that said nothing.

14. How does Milosz describe Delta's poetry?
(a) A kaleidoscope.
(b) A chubby angel.
(c) An abomination.
(d) A song played too quickly.

15. In the concentration camp, what kind of life does Beta lead?
(a) With experiences which he never talks about afterward.
(b) Healthy and well-dressed, but cannot escape his guilt.
(c) Healthy and well-dressed, and brags about it.
(d) Hungry and miserable, but happy to be alive.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are peasants not particularly dangerous, according to Milosz?

2. Why are workers told that it is a crime to strike?

3. When someone asked about his family and origins, how would Delta answer?

4. While talking to Beker, who is about to be burned at the crematorium because he is too weak to work, what is Beta's attitude?

5. In communist thought, where is there no division?

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