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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When a man refuses to become a shock-worker in a factory, what does he soon find?
(a) He is fired, and cannot provide for his family.
(b) He is imprisoned until his views change.
(c) He is demoted until he can learn respect.
(d) He is denied the privileges of better work or vacation.

2. Because he believed in earthly salvation, what did Beta argue?
(a) History has no force in man's present struggles.
(b) Anyone opposing mankind's happiness is evil.
(c) Only man can bring about his own happiness.
(d) Promises of heavenly salvation are false.

3. Why was Gamma's writing weak?
(a) Previous success.
(b) Proper doctrine.
(c) Empathy.
(d) Human emotion.

4. Where did the man Gamma grow up?
(a) An eighteenth-century palace.
(b) A party member's home.
(c) The city.
(d) The country.

5. While living in exile, how did Delta feel?
(a) A poor writer.
(b) A drunkard.
(c) Lonely and forgotten.
(d) Popular and well-liked.

6. In the concentration camp, what is Beta's job?
(a) Directing Jews to the gas chambers or work.
(b) Removing bodies from the gas chambers.
(c) Unloading Jews from the box-cars.
(d) Rationing food to the prisoners.

7. What did Gamma's second wife wear?
(a) Heavy Russian boots.
(b) Nothing on her feet.
(c) Dainty calfskin shoes.
(d) Thick Polish shoes.

8. What kind of mentality do peasants have, according to the state?
(a) Feudalist.
(b) Low-class.
(c) Unrealistic.
(d) Middle-class.

9. What happened when Beta's artistic talent moved to the furthest boundaries of communist dictates?
(a) Words could no longer move him to action.
(b) It could not be satisfied, and he left the party.
(c) The words he wrote were the only things he knew.
(d) Words and individual man lost all meaning.

10. What was the result of this group created by Gamma and his friends?
(a) The beginning of the communist government in Warsaw.
(b) Exiled for trying to usurp power from the center in Moscow.
(c) Disbanded after two years because it lost popularity.
(d) Publicly praised for its faithfulness to communist ideals.

11. How does Milosz describe Delta's poetry?
(a) A song played too quickly.
(b) An abomination.
(c) A chubby angel.
(d) A kaleidoscope.

12. During Gamma's youth, Poland gradually separated along what lines?
(a) The capitalists and communists.
(b) The traditional right and Soviet left.
(c) Pro-Semitic and anti-Semitic.
(d) The nationalistic right and socialist left.

13. How can the relationship between Gamma and the author be described?
(a) A game.
(b) A love affair.
(c) An acquaintanceship.
(d) A deep friendship.

14. As Beta scornfully realized, how could someone have power in Poland?
(a) Follow the procedures established by the Polish government.
(b) Overcome the Nazis.
(c) Destroy all Polish underground resistance.
(d) Seize it by force.

15. While talking to Beker, who is about to be burned at the crematorium because he is too weak to work, what is Beta's attitude?
(a) Fearful of his own life.
(b) Agitated and sad.
(c) Calm and detached.
(d) Malicious.

Short Answer Questions

1. In a weekly magazine, Delta published short theater scenes under what title?

2. Chapter 6 opens with a picture of Vilna, which is a city of __________ .

3. In Chapter 5, how is Beta characterized?

4. Why are peasants not particularly dangerous, according to Milosz?

5. As the NKVD began mass deportation, how did Gamma write communist propaganda?

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