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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In cycles that lasted several days, what would Delta do?
(a) Take drugs.
(b) Drink alcohol.
(c) Write his poems.
(d) Walk the streets.

2. When do Beta's stories show that people are good?
(a) Inherently.
(b) Only while acting within civilization.
(c) Only when it directly benefits them.
(d) When life has meaning.

3. As the NKVD began mass deportation, how did Gamma write communist propaganda?
(a) In support of the deportations.
(b) Because, by doing it he could save his family.
(c) To keep from being deported himself.
(d) Even as his family was deported to Siberia.

4. In the people's democracies, according the Chapter 8, what does the most serious battle concern?
(a) The balance of power.
(b) Control of man's mind.
(c) Control of man's spirit.
(d) Manipulation of historical context.

5. What was the result of this group created by Gamma and his friends?
(a) Exiled for trying to usurp power from the center in Moscow.
(b) Publicly praised for its faithfulness to communist ideals.
(c) Disbanded after two years because it lost popularity.
(d) The beginning of the communist government in Warsaw.

6. How did Delta return to his wife in Poland?
(a) With a girlfriend he'd brought from Brussels.
(b) Without a single penny.
(c) With a girl he'd picked up at the Polish border.
(d) Completely sober.

7. In Chapter 8, Milosz explains that the totalitarian states places such emotional strain on its citizens that what occurs?
(a) They cannot survive long as individuals.
(b) They will cease to think for themselves.
(c) The people cannot be responsible for their actions.
(d) The strain itself determines their actions.

8. As Chapter 8 briefly explains, how does the State regard the propertied class?
(a) Most important.
(b) Least hopeful for reform.
(c) Least important.
(d) Least likely to rebel.

9. As Beta scornfully realized, how could someone have power in Poland?
(a) Destroy all Polish underground resistance.
(b) Follow the procedures established by the Polish government.
(c) Overcome the Nazis.
(d) Seize it by force.

10. According to Chapter 8, how does communism define the reactionary?
(a) Refuses to agree wholeheartedly with the party.
(b) Reverts to the traditional way of thinking.
(c) Is incapable of seeing how everything is interdependent.
(d) Acts contrary to party principles.

11. Apart from his poetry, what was Delta's personality?
(a) Optimistic and cheerful.
(b) Sly and fearful.
(c) Completely deceitful.
(d) Sly and gloomy.

12. When he spent time in Moscow, what kinds of reports did Delta send back?
(a) Ones that said exactly what the party wanted to hear.
(b) Ones that portrayed the city as gloomy.
(c) Ones that spoke haltingly of Russian progress.
(d) Ones that glowed with enthusiasm.

13. Where did the man Gamma grow up?
(a) The country.
(b) A party member's home.
(c) An eighteenth-century palace.
(d) The city.

14. As the Polish fought the Germans for control of Warsaw near the end of the war, how did a few people manage to survive?
(a) Swimming across the river.
(b) Hiding with the underground resistance.
(c) Turning themselves in as prisoners of war.
(d) Hiding in the surrounding forests.

15. As he got older, how did Gamma feel about his life?
(a) He had wasted his youth on reckless living.
(b) He had wasted his youth in service of the party.
(c) He had not devoted enough energy to the party.
(d) He had become too comfortable with his accomplishments.

Short Answer Questions

1. Chapter 6 opens with a picture of Vilna, which is a city of __________ .

2. What kind of mentality do peasants have, according to the state?

3. Why did Delta begin to write violently anti-Semitic poems?

4. During Gamma's youth, Poland gradually separated along what lines?

5. How was Delta's cheerful poetry treated?

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