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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 8, Milosz explains that the totalitarian states places such emotional strain on its citizens that what occurs?
(a) They cannot survive long as individuals.
(b) The people cannot be responsible for their actions.
(c) The strain itself determines their actions.
(d) They will cease to think for themselves.

2. What did Delta, in his enthusiasm, love?
(a) Crowds and festivals.
(b) The words of intellectuals.
(c) The literary cafes.
(d) The whirlpool of human emotions.

3. How can the relationship between Gamma and the author be described?
(a) A game.
(b) A deep friendship.
(c) An acquaintanceship.
(d) A love affair.

4. Why do Party dialecticians change the Method when necessary?
(a) Reality proves the Method to be unworkable.
(b) They are forced to modernize.
(c) History has destroyed all other formulae which claim to be unerring.
(d) They want to stay one step ahead of the reactionaries.

5. How much time did Beta spend in the concentration camp Auschwitz?
(a) Two years.
(b) Three years.
(c) The rest of his life.
(d) Two months.

6. In Milosz's understanding, the class of the bourgeois is comprised of what people?
(a) Workers and peasants.
(b) Small merchants and craftsmen.
(c) Workers.
(d) National companies.

7. As Milosz witnessed, why was becoming a communist a difficult decision?
(a) A person gave up all his personal property.
(b) A person renounced his sense of nationalism.
(c) A person renounced his sense of personality.
(d) A person became subject to the whims of the bourgeois.

8. What view of Poland's past did Delta's poetry present?
(a) The past had the power to save her people from communism.
(b) The past held no hope of peace or rest.
(c) The past was close to dying out.
(d) The past provided an alternative to communism.

9. How does Milosz describe Delta's poetry?
(a) A kaleidoscope.
(b) An abomination.
(c) A chubby angel.
(d) A song played too quickly.

10. In the context of Chapter 8, peasants are divided into three categories so that what happens?
(a) The Center can better govern them.
(b) Mutual hatred grows among them.
(c) They form ties outside their social class.
(d) Work is done most efficiently.

11. Beta wrote poems characterized by what?
(a) Leaning on the poet's weak faith in an effort to flee death.
(b) Lack of faith and the facing of death as reality.
(c) Crying out to God for deliverance.
(d) Taking bitter joy in the despair of the poet's surroundings.

12. How was Delta's cheerful poetry treated?
(a) Scorned by the party as sentimental.
(b) Ignored by the party.
(c) Put to good use by the party.
(d) Mocked by the public.

13. What was the title of Delta's most unusual poem, which spoke in terms best understood in a dream?
(a) The Persian King.
(b) Folk Fair.
(c) Solomon's Ball.
(d) Folk Songs.

14. Catholic Communists gradually lose everything except what aspect?
(a) Their trust in the Virgin Mary.
(b) The language of religion.
(c) A basic belief in God.
(d) Their sense of guilt.

15. When a man refuses to become a shock-worker in a factory, what does he soon find?
(a) He is fired, and cannot provide for his family.
(b) He is denied the privileges of better work or vacation.
(c) He is imprisoned until his views change.
(d) He is demoted until he can learn respect.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Beta's writing assert that communism was salvation?

2. The last time Milosz saw Beta, how did the unassuming poet look?

3. How did Delta return to his wife in Poland?

4. What did Gamma's second wife wear?

5. As detailed in Chapter 6, what was the first maxim of the communist rule as it established power in a newly-conquered country?

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