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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Beta relates, when Greek prisoners cannot march because they are too weak, how are they first punished?
(a) With sticks tied to their legs.
(b) With death.
(c) With three days' hard labor.
(d) With beatings.

2. Why is Christianity the state's primary enemy?
(a) It fosters skepticism.
(b) It creates class divisions.
(c) It fosters subservience.
(d) It encourages radicalism.

3. Why are peasants not particularly dangerous, according to Milosz?
(a) They are happy with their lives.
(b) They have no education and thus cannot retaliate.
(c) They are more easily involved in extensive underground work.
(d) The state is the only buyer of what they grow.

4. When Delta's writing no longer pleased the party, what happened?
(a) He was forced to print only in underground papers.
(b) Publishers were instructed not to print his work.
(c) Publishers were instructed to print only the work that showed he had reformed.
(d) He was exiled to Siberia for three years in a labor camp.

5. The state methods of teaching give the illusion of what?
(a) Complete power.
(b) Historical right.
(c) A mysterious unknown.
(d) Complete knowledge.

6. Beta remained bitter because he was unable to see what?
(a) Society's reasons for action.
(b) Man in relation to his fellow man.
(c) The purpose of action within a community.
(d) Individual man apart from society.

7. In Russia, what organization did Gamma and several of his friends create?
(a) The Union of Workers.
(b) The Society for the Well-Being of Mankind.
(c) The Society of Enlightened Communist Workers.
(d) The Union of Patriots.

8. Chapter 6 opens with a picture of Vilna, which is a city of __________ .
(a) Forests.
(b) Streams.
(c) Beaches.
(d) Gardens.

9. What kind of mentality do peasants have, according to the state?
(a) Feudalist.
(b) Low-class.
(c) Middle-class.
(d) Unrealistic.

10. In the context of Chapter 8, peasants are divided into three categories so that what happens?
(a) The Center can better govern them.
(b) Work is done most efficiently.
(c) Mutual hatred grows among them.
(d) They form ties outside their social class.

11. Why was Gamma's writing weak?
(a) Proper doctrine.
(b) Human emotion.
(c) Previous success.
(d) Empathy.

12. As Beta scornfully realized, how could someone have power in Poland?
(a) Seize it by force.
(b) Follow the procedures established by the Polish government.
(c) Destroy all Polish underground resistance.
(d) Overcome the Nazis.

13. Because the Communist Party was at first illegal in Poland, what did party members do?
(a) Tried to sway public opinion with writers who were sympathetic to communism.
(b) Bided their time until communism had gained a stronger footing.
(c) Had no choice but to rebel against the laws.
(d) Were forced to work only through underground means.

14. The last time Milosz saw Beta, how did the unassuming poet look?
(a) He had become an outspoken adversary of communism.
(b) He had become self-assured and thoroughly political.
(c) He had become even more afraid, following his time in the concentration camp.
(d) He hadn't changed.

15. In a weekly magazine, Delta published short theater scenes under what title?
(a) Gray Goose.
(b) Solomon's Ball.
(c) Green Goose.
(d) Falangist.

Short Answer Questions

1. When someone asked about his family and origins, how would Delta answer?

2. After two years, Delta returned again to favor, and how did his future look?

3. How much time did Beta spend in the concentration camp Auschwitz?

4. Beta wrote poems characterized by what?

5. In Milosz's understanding, the class of the bourgeois is comprised of what people?

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