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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At a fairly young age, how did Beta die?
(a) By an unknown assassin.
(b) By suicide.
(c) At the hands of the Nazis.
(d) At the hands of the communists.

2. While living in exile, how did Delta feel?
(a) Lonely and forgotten.
(b) Popular and well-liked.
(c) A drunkard.
(d) A poor writer.

3. As Beta relates, when Greek prisoners cannot march because they are too weak, how are they first punished?
(a) With sticks tied to their legs.
(b) With beatings.
(c) With three days' hard labor.
(d) With death.

4. As the Polish fought the Germans for control of Warsaw near the end of the war, how did a few people manage to survive?
(a) Hiding in the surrounding forests.
(b) Swimming across the river.
(c) Turning themselves in as prisoners of war.
(d) Hiding with the underground resistance.

5. What was the result of this group created by Gamma and his friends?
(a) Exiled for trying to usurp power from the center in Moscow.
(b) Publicly praised for its faithfulness to communist ideals.
(c) Disbanded after two years because it lost popularity.
(d) The beginning of the communist government in Warsaw.

6. Because he believed in earthly salvation, what did Beta argue?
(a) Promises of heavenly salvation are false.
(b) Only man can bring about his own happiness.
(c) History has no force in man's present struggles.
(d) Anyone opposing mankind's happiness is evil.

7. As Chapter 8 briefly explains, how does the State regard the propertied class?
(a) Least hopeful for reform.
(b) Least important.
(c) Most important.
(d) Least likely to rebel.

8. When someone asked about his family and origins, how would Delta answer?
(a) Tell a different story every time.
(b) Fall silent.
(c) Go into great detail about his hometown.
(d) Answer questions about his town but not about his family.

9. What view of Poland's past did Delta's poetry present?
(a) The past provided an alternative to communism.
(b) The past held no hope of peace or rest.
(c) The past had the power to save her people from communism.
(d) The past was close to dying out.

10. In the concentration camp, what is Beta's job?
(a) Rationing food to the prisoners.
(b) Removing bodies from the gas chambers.
(c) Directing Jews to the gas chambers or work.
(d) Unloading Jews from the box-cars.

11. As the NKVD began mass deportation, how did Gamma write communist propaganda?
(a) To keep from being deported himself.
(b) Because, by doing it he could save his family.
(c) In support of the deportations.
(d) Even as his family was deported to Siberia.

12. Delta would have fit well into what time period?
(a) Roman gladiators.
(b) Medieval monks.
(c) Egyptian kings.
(d) Wandering jesters.

13. As Milosz witnessed, why was becoming a communist a difficult decision?
(a) A person gave up all his personal property.
(b) A person renounced his sense of nationalism.
(c) A person renounced his sense of personality.
(d) A person became subject to the whims of the bourgeois.

14. During Gamma's youth, Poland gradually separated along what lines?
(a) Pro-Semitic and anti-Semitic.
(b) The traditional right and Soviet left.
(c) The capitalists and communists.
(d) The nationalistic right and socialist left.

15. What did Delta, in his enthusiasm, love?
(a) The literary cafes.
(b) Crowds and festivals.
(c) The whirlpool of human emotions.
(d) The words of intellectuals.

Short Answer Questions

1. Chapter 6 opens with a picture of Vilna, which is a city of __________ .

2. In communist thought, where is there no division?

3. The state methods of teaching give the illusion of what?

4. In cycles that lasted several days, what would Delta do?

5. Why was Gamma's writing weak?

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