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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Delta would have fit well into what time period?
(a) Medieval monks.
(b) Wandering jesters.
(c) Egyptian kings.
(d) Roman gladiators.

2. What did Delta, in his enthusiasm, love?
(a) The words of intellectuals.
(b) The literary cafes.
(c) Crowds and festivals.
(d) The whirlpool of human emotions.

3. When he spent time in Moscow, what kinds of reports did Delta send back?
(a) Ones that portrayed the city as gloomy.
(b) Ones that glowed with enthusiasm.
(c) Ones that said exactly what the party wanted to hear.
(d) Ones that spoke haltingly of Russian progress.

4. How were Gamma's interactions with people characterized?
(a) With complete honesty.
(b) By his drive for power.
(c) By his loyalty to the party.
(d) With deceit and artifice.

5. Where did the man Gamma grow up?
(a) The city.
(b) An eighteenth-century palace.
(c) The country.
(d) A party member's home.

6. What happened when Beta's artistic talent moved to the furthest boundaries of communist dictates?
(a) The words he wrote were the only things he knew.
(b) Words and individual man lost all meaning.
(c) Words could no longer move him to action.
(d) It could not be satisfied, and he left the party.

7. As Beta relates, when Greek prisoners cannot march because they are too weak, how are they first punished?
(a) With sticks tied to their legs.
(b) With beatings.
(c) With three days' hard labor.
(d) With death.

8. How can the relationship between Gamma and the author be described?
(a) A love affair.
(b) A deep friendship.
(c) A game.
(d) An acquaintanceship.

9. When Delta's writing no longer pleased the party, what happened?
(a) He was exiled to Siberia for three years in a labor camp.
(b) Publishers were instructed to print only the work that showed he had reformed.
(c) Publishers were instructed not to print his work.
(d) He was forced to print only in underground papers.

10. As Milosz witnessed, why was becoming a communist a difficult decision?
(a) A person gave up all his personal property.
(b) A person renounced his sense of nationalism.
(c) A person became subject to the whims of the bourgeois.
(d) A person renounced his sense of personality.

11. Because the Communist Party was at first illegal in Poland, what did party members do?
(a) Were forced to work only through underground means.
(b) Tried to sway public opinion with writers who were sympathetic to communism.
(c) Bided their time until communism had gained a stronger footing.
(d) Had no choice but to rebel against the laws.

12. How does Milosz describe Delta's poetry?
(a) A kaleidoscope.
(b) A chubby angel.
(c) A song played too quickly.
(d) An abomination.

13. As detailed in Chapter 6, what was the first maxim of the communist rule as it established power in a newly-conquered country?
(a) Impose educational reforms.
(b) Make the people happy so they agree.
(c) Crush opposition at all cost.
(d) Set minimal demands.

14. While living in exile, how did Delta feel?
(a) Popular and well-liked.
(b) Lonely and forgotten.
(c) A poor writer.
(d) A drunkard.

15. In a weekly magazine, Delta published short theater scenes under what title?
(a) Solomon's Ball.
(b) Falangist.
(c) Gray Goose.
(d) Green Goose.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 8, Milosz explains that the totalitarian states places such emotional strain on its citizens that what occurs?

2. Why did Beta's writing assert that communism was salvation?

3. What was the end result of Gamma's poetry?

4. After coming to power, in 1945, the Party recognized that the best way to control a nation is through what force?

5. What was the title of Beta's first book?

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