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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, Looking to the West.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When a man looks to the West, why does he not have clear insight?
(a) Life in the East has drastically shaped his view.
(b) His emotions interfere.
(c) The party center obscures the truth.
(d) He cannot be realistic.

2. According to Milosz, nations which have recently come under communist rule feel excitement at first, and then feel what emotion?
(a) That they've been lied to about the government.
(b) That they've been caught in a trap like mice.
(c) Sadness for the loss of their autonomy.
(d) Trepidation for their unknown future.

3. Milosz compares the American law system to what image?
(a) A man drowning at sea.
(b) People in a raft paddling different directions.
(c) A man alone on a log raft.
(d) A powerful ship.

4. The atmosphere in a collective society is one of what?
(a) Usefulness and action.
(b) Harmony and action.
(c) Strength and unhappiness.
(d) Solidarity and happiness.

5. Milosz admits that he has great admiration for what people or force?
(a) The philosophers who prepare the way for change.
(b) The impersonal forces of history.
(c) The people who bring about change.
(d) The people who fight evil.

Short Answer Questions

1. Milosz says that both the old way of life and war-time values are natural if what happens?

2. Multi-Bing pills establish ________ foundations rather than _________ .

3. Milosz ends Chapter I with the question:

4. Art and literature of the party prove to the intellectual that what is true about the world?

5. Cosmopolitanism, as defined by communism, is what thought?

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