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News Article Presentation

Find a news article about recent happenings in a communist country. How does the event either coincide with or contradict Milosz's depiction of communism? Briefly explain to the class how the two times compare.

Personal Application of Ketman

Find examples of activities in your own life that relate to Ketman. Keep in mind that while Ketman is individual thinking, it is primarily an adherence to tradition in the face of modern changes. Make a list of these Ketman and see how closely connected you are to history (your personal history, that of your family, and that of your country).

Map Outlines

Print maps of Europe as it looked in 1945 at the end of World War II. Trace and color the map so as to outline the sudden political changes occurring during that time.

Descriptive Paragraph

Write a descriptive paragraph as if you were standing on...

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