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Chapter 1, The Pill of Murti-Bing

• The pill of Murti-Bing allows a man to forget all metaphysical concerns. He lives peaceably among his own people as though they are madmen and he the only sane one.
• Murti-Bing lays scientific foundations, scorning religion as dead.
• In Chapter 1, man accepts that he must stop thinking, since individual thought splinters the party and has no meaning outside the dialectic of Communism.
• Milosz sees that though a man feels guilt at entering communism, from which there is no return, he chooses that path because there is no other hope of salvation.

Chapter 2, Looking to the West

• Chapter 2 explains that man thinks his way of living, whatever it may be, is natural. All experience is natural if the individual has lived it.
• "Freedom from something is a great deal, yet not enough. It is much less than freedom for something." (Chapter 2, pg. 35)
• According to...

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