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Faith Sullivan
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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Mama say she plans to go?

2. Where is Sally when Lark comes out of the confessional after her practice?

3. What is on top of Hilly's casket?

4. What two words does Lark say have an ominous ring of finality?

5. What does Lark get for her seventh birthday?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Papa say that Lark has to fear God? What example does he give her in an attempt to prove it?

2. Whom does Lark tell about the plans to begin building on a house and what does she say about it?

3. What does Father Dalias say when Lark confesses that she's killed a baby?

4. What is the significance of Lark's statements about Myrna Loy and Mr. Brown?

5. What is Papa's last-ditch effort to try to get Mama to remain? What are the reactions of Mama and Lark?

6. What does Lark think and do in the restroom of the train?

7. How have the relationships between Beverly, Sally and Lark changed over the summer break?

8. What does Mrs. Stillman say about Hilly's death?

9. Describe the situation that arises when the hobo stops at Lark's house.

10. What does Lark do when it's time for Communion and what does that prompt Papa to do?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lark considers herself shy but meets many people over the course of the story. List the circumstances under which she meets at least three of the characters. What is her reaction to each? How does each impact Lark's life?

Essay Topic 2

Lark's three best friends can be identified as Sally, Beverly, and Hilly. Identify each and describe their relationships with Lark. How does each impact Lark?

Essay Topic 3

What is the game, "Lady Caller?" When does Lark play this game? What is the role of Lark in this game? What is the role of her mother? How are each of these roles related to the real-life relationships and events for Lark and Mama?

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