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Faith Sullivan
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mama say her marriage was like?
(a) Like having a hippopotamus sitting on her face.
(b) Like having a wild cat in her pocket.
(c) Like having a giraffe in her car.
(d) Like having a elephant sitting on her chest.

2. Which kind of jelly bean does Lark eat first?
(a) The green.
(b) The black.
(c) The red.
(d) The yellow.

3. How does Lark get a letter to Hilly?
(a) She leaves it on the doorstep.
(b) She mails it.
(c) She drops it off herself.
(d) She sends it with her mother.

4. What does Papa say the bombing of Pearl Harbor means
(a) Many families will be without their fathers.
(b) The Germans will be attacked too.
(c) The country will go to war.
(d) The Japanese probably lost many men.

5. What does Papa tell Lark she has to do before Mass?
(a) Prepare for confession.
(b) Study her catechism.
(c) Wash her hair.
(d) Eat.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mama say she and Aunt Betty are going to Minneapolis?

2. What is the prize Mama wins during the drawing at the theater?

3. What is the gift Lark and Mama take Hilly and Mrs. Silliman?

4. What does Lark ask God to do before she goes to bed that night?

5. What does Beverly say when Lark says she's moving to California?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Lark's reaction after her confession and what does she wonder about the adults who have gone through this?

2. How does Christmas change for the family after the plans emerge to go to California?

3. Describe the situation that arises when the hobo stops at Lark's house.

4. Why do Mama and Aunt Betty leave the depot in the middle of the night? What is Lark instructed to do?

5. What does Aunt Betty say about suicide and how does that compare to what Papa says?

6. How does Mama spend the money she wins at the theater?

7. Where does Lark think Mama and Aunt Betty are going, and what is later discovered about their real intentions?

8. Describe the letter Hilly writes to Lark in which he talks about the book HEIDI.

9. Describe the opening conversation between Lark and Mama when Lark reaches her seat.

10. What are some of the ideas Mama, Aunt Betty, and Lark share about the new house while they're putting up the Christmas tree?

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