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Faith Sullivan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Aunt Betty's condition Thursday afternoon?
(a) She grows feverish.
(b) She feels well enough to sit up and read.
(c) She begins vomiting blood.
(d) She gets much better and gets out of bed.

2. What does Lark take from her suitcase soon after leaving the station?
(a) A clean sweater.
(b) Her sin notebook.
(c) Her lunch.
(d) A hank .

3. What does Uncle Stanly say after Lark kisses him on the cheek?
(a) He hopes she can be a good girl.
(b) He forgives her for her role in Marjorie's death.
(c) He won't wash his cheek until they meet again.
(d) He'll keep her picture close until they meet again.

4. What does Papa do to Lark's mashed potatoes?
(a) Pours milk on them.
(b) Uses his fork to break the dam she's built.
(c) Pours salt on them.
(d) Nothing.

5. What is the nickname Mama hates?
(a) Norma Jeana.
(b) Lena.
(c) Mommy.
(d) Mama.

6. Where does Aunt Betty live?
(a) Harvester.
(b) Atlanta.
(c) Mount Pleasant.
(d) Morgan Lake.

7. What happens to the bread Mama tries to toast on the stove?
(a) It barely gets warm.
(b) It's toasted just right.
(c) It doesn't get warm.
(d) It burns.

8. What color are the German neighbor woman's eyes?
(a) The story doesn't say.
(b) Green.
(c) Blue.
(d) Brown.

9. What has Mama done with her hair in preparation for her evening away from home?
(a) Put on a hat.
(b) Straightened it.
(c) Put pin curls in it.
(d) Nothing.

10. What does Maria say about Lark's belief regarding Marjorie?
(a) Lark shouldn't think about it.
(b) Lark is correct.
(c) Not everything Lark has learned in church is true.
(d) She baptized the baby.

11. What is Mr. McPhee wearing when he talks with Lark at the depot?
(a) Faded blue jeans.
(b) A short-sleeved shirt and coveralls.
(c) Striped overalls.
(d) The book doesn't say.

12. What is Papa going to find when it begins to rain?
(a) An umbrella.
(b) Nightcrawlers.
(c) A fishing pole.
(d) Hoboes on the train.

13. What is Papa's job at the depot?
(a) He is a clerk.
(b) He is a builder.
(c) He is an engineer.
(d) He is a typist.

14. What is Lark's middle name?
(a) Browning.
(b) Belinda.
(c) Arlene.
(d) Lark.

15. How does Mama say they'll get money for a house?
(a) She says she doesn't know but will think of something.
(b) She says she'll sell shoes to earn money.
(c) She says Papa will win it at poker.
(d) She says it's just a dream that won't ever come true.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Papa take Lark to spank her?

2. How many words per minute does Mama say she wants to be able to type?

3. What is hanging on the wall over Lark's crib?

4. When does Maria say she'll come visit Aunt Betty?

5. How long does Uncle Stan sit with Aunt Betty the first night he's home?

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