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Faith Sullivan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mama say about her great-great-grandmother?
(a) She was a tramp.
(b) She was rich.
(c) She was a queen.
(d) She was a lady-in-waiting.

2. Why does Mama say Grandma Browning can't stay with Aunt Betty?
(a) She has a broken ankle.
(b) She doesn't have money for the trip.
(c) She is too old to make the trip.
(d) She is already staying with another sick relative.

3. What does Papa say about the group of ladies Mama spends time with?
(a) He says they are all very pretty.
(b) He calls them old geese.
(c) He calls them cackling hens.
(d) He says they shouldn't get together.

4. What treat does Lark find in the cupboard after Mama leaves?
(a) A soda.
(b) A slice of pie.
(c) A Hershey bar.
(d) A jawbreaker.

5. What does the German neighbor say when Lark returns her sheet?
(a) They aren't her sheets.
(b) She hadn't expected them back so quickly.
(c) They are folded wrong.
(d) Thank you.

6. What time does Mama tell Lark to go to bed?
(a) Eight o'clock.
(b) Nine o'clock.
(c) She doesn't say.
(d) Whenever Papa says.

7. How many words per minute does Mama say she wants to be able to type?
(a) Fifty.
(b) Eighty.
(c) Seventy.
(d) Fifteen.

8. What has Mama done with her hair in preparation for her evening away from home?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Straightened it.
(c) Put pin curls in it.
(d) Put on a hat.

9. What time does Mr. Easterly say he will deliver the groceries?
(a) When his wife returns at four.
(b) When he closes at six.
(c) When he closes at five.
(d) When the delivery boy gets out of school at three.

10. How does Lark get to the depot as she's headed for her grandparents' home?
(a) She walks.
(b) Mr. McPhee picks her up.
(c) Uncle Stan drives her.
(d) Mama takes her.

11. How much education does Papa have?
(a) He graduated college.
(b) He graduated high school.
(c) He never attended.
(d) He completed tenth grade.

12. How much does Lark learn Aunt Betty pays in monthly rent?
(a) Forty dollars.
(b) She doesn't pay rent.
(c) Eighty dollars.
(d) Fifteen dollars.

13. What does Uncle Stanly say after Lark kisses him on the cheek?
(a) He'll keep her picture close until they meet again.
(b) He won't wash his cheek until they meet again.
(c) He forgives her for her role in Marjorie's death.
(d) He hopes she can be a good girl.

14. What kind of pie does Lark say she wants from the booth?
(a) Blueberry.
(b) Raisin.
(c) Apple.
(d) Chocolate.

15. What is Lark's middle name?
(a) Lark.
(b) Belinda.
(c) Browning.
(d) Arlene.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the event for which Lark sells tickets?

2. What kind of robe does Lark wear when she goes with her father to play poker?

3. Why does Lark get a spanking from Papa?

4. What smell does Lark say is better than any other?

5. What does Maria serve Lark with her break and butter?

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