The Cape Ann Short Essay - Answer Key

Faith Sullivan
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1. How does Lark get her name?

Her mother chooses the name Lark because larks fly and have a happy song, and the name Browning because it's Mama's maiden name. The name Ann is added in because Father Delias says that she has to have a saint's name.

2. What are some of Papa's duties with the railroad?

He's a clerk and handles all the duties of the incoming and outgoing trains, including handling freight. He helps passengers figure routes and schedules and sell tickets. They are also responsible for mail and telegrams.

3. How does Lark's family come to be living in the depot?

When they arrive in Harvester, there are no living quarters provided for the depot clerk, and Papa expects that they'll rent a set of rooms somewhere in town. Mama, hoping that they can save for a home of their own, refuses to spend money on rent and clears out a large unused room in the depot, building walls and transforming it into a living quarters for the family.

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